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Project Rhodie: The paint saga



Okay so now I am finally ready to paint, I know the colours I'm after (well kinda) as they are simply known as babysh** yellow and forest green. Hand up fine I wasn't quite ready to paint them so I did some trawling online to find the right colours...success! The Rhodies used Du Pont vehicle paints on just about EVERYTHING! So I had my paint codes, I knew roughly how much I needed so I hit 'DuPont paint' into Google...nothing! I typed a few searches and came up with zip. Ah.


So I went on the DuPont website and emailed them asking where I can pick up their product from as there's no listings online, about an hour later I got sent the link to their list of Distributors. GREAT! I now could get in touch and find a retail outlet! So I type up an email to these guys asking for info about any local retail outlets which stock their product. The next day they had relied and I'm not going to lie: I was excited...seemed I wasted my time as the email simply said "I'm sorry we can not provide details of the clients that we ship that product to".....I was utterly fuming! What kind of idiotic monkey doesn't let people know where people can buy their product?! Naturally they were given the good news and were told exactly what I thought of them and I was back to square one.


So anyway...I later found that Humbrol pretty much ripped off the colours a while back from DuPont and are a very very good match for the original colours...I was in business! Even better was the local art and model shop stocks copious amounts of the stuff and payday was looming. Mr webbing shall be painted at last!


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