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Project Rhodie: Adding paint to canvas...



blog-0303115001362935147.jpgI have my paints and I was ready to get cracking, so after experimenting on a bren pouch I was getting confident but the paint brush was looking rather dead so I decided to do this the old fashioned (and as it turns out: the historically accurate) way....my hands would be the paint brush! Donning the latex gloves as I'd just done my nails I was feeling like a school kid in art class.


As it happens painting the webbing with one's hands is exceptionally effective: you get a very uneven and blotchy finish to the paint which normally my inner perfectionist would be ripping it's hair out and getting ready to commit suicide...but due to the nature of this project my perfectionist was a little apprehensive at the outcome of a couple pieces but generally pleased. The idea was simply to provide a base coat due to the fact canvas tanned in the African sun and only on the parts that would be visible/exposed. It didn't have to look even, it certainly wasn't designed to be pretty like ATACS or DPM...it was designed to do the job.


Just as well as one set of pouches looked luminous to the point where I considered re-doing them. However Mr O'Sullivan assured me and told me to wait out until the yellow had gone on. I'm glad I did as once the yellow went on they looked fabulous! In fact the whole thing looks amazing and I'm not one to compliment anything let alone my own work.


Sadly I have reached the point where it only needs the yoke to be finished with the poncho roll...and I cannae justify opening a new pot of paint just to do that until my G3 arrives in, oh, two days :D Until then I'll just have to sit and stare longingly at the webbing in pieces until it gets the pouches stitched on the water bottle pouch and kidney pouch








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