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  1. You think I need lens protection? I have no experience in hits on my devices.
  2. New things for my Vintorez and Dragunov
  3. Lucky you dont need the markings we have. It kills the optic of that beatiful gun
  4. Go for R-hop. 150 spring. Easy (non movement) hits on 70m Type 0 cylinder for 435mm barrel length ok?
  5. Power of your PSG1? Why did you change the gearbox? What length is the inner barrel?
  6. Does this work good while aiming?
  7. My heart is bleeding Cant see "tactical" AK I mean, this stock ....
  8. Real nice job ! One day I will buy a m93r aswell.
  9. I had it in 2002. It was a beast, but if I remember it had one spring and three piston. It never worked really well.
  10. Good job, had the TM Spas in 2002. Think about gettin this one now.
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