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  1. My baby Put real GP grips on it. Tanaka M1935. Still looking for an Mk.III to complete my collection.
  2. That explains it, thanks Weird though!
  3. Is this off by default? Or is it not normal that I can't edit my own posts?
  4. I can't seem to post in the picture threads forum. Can start a new topic though 😕 These are not locked threads with over 100 posts.
  5. Thought I'd add my thoughts on this gun, as I've shot both this one, and the real M&P. Real one: I do have to say I kinda hate the real one. My first one locked up after every single shot. It was replaced with another one that functioned good. It had the thumb safety however. Unlike the Hi-Power Mk.III, where it locks the slide, with the M&P it locks the pin. This can be very confusing when you are shooting. The gun blocks, you do a standard tap/rack, and still no dice. Then you notice the thumb safety is slightly on. It is VERY easy to move. Best way to shoot the real one is with you
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