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  1. TineS

    Picture threads, no post

    Working, Thanks!
  2. TineS

    FN Picture Thread

    My baby Put real GP grips on it. Tanaka M1935. Still looking for an Mk.III to complete my collection.
  3. TineS

    Thinking about buying a P90

    I did consider it, but I read bad things about it. WE quality :/ Also, I'm more of a collector, so looking for those guns that are closest to the real thing in weight and operation. I know TM's reputation, but it is full ABS and weighs less then the others, and the real one (TM = 2,2KG if I'm right?). The most realistic options seem to me the CA proline and the G&G, although for the G&G the laser would need to be disabled to make it legal in Belgium.
  4. TineS

    Editing posts

    That explains it, thanks Weird though!
  5. TineS

    Thinking about buying a P90

    CA proline does seem nice. And about as heavy as the real thing at about 2,6KG.
  6. Is this off by default? Or is it not normal that I can't edit my own posts?
  7. TineS

    Thinking about buying a P90

    So which P90 would you recommend? Looking for high quality and reliability.
  8. * Searched the internet a bit and looks like the best one on the market is the TM version? * Do all TM's have the same internals? Or was the P90 updated over the years? Prices seem to go around €350, but I found a shop in eastern Europe that sells it for €250. Seems to good to pass up 😕 * What are the options for a metal upper receiver? (normal one with red dot, not the TR or HC). I only know about one made by G&P.
  9. TineS

    Browning Hi-Power / UZI

    Yes Found one in stock at Redwolf. Not the Mk. III I wanted, but good enough until I find the right version.
  10. TineS

    134a gas

    I didn't know about Abbey 144a, so I'm just gonna go with that I think Thanks for the tip!
  11. TineS

    134a gas

    Yeah, Every product I look up seems to be wrong. None mention 134, most only "air" or some propane/butane mixture. Never thought it would be difficult to find suitable airsoft gas. Guess I'll have to look for a good European online source.
  12. TineS

    134a gas

    HFC 134A gas is needed for my Tanaka Browning, but I'm having trouble finding it in Belgium. My local airsoft shop wants to sell me Ultrair green. Not doing that 😕 I read that those duster cans to clean your PC keyboard are 134a gas. Found a site that sells an adapter piece here. Anyone who has done this? Or know another solution?
  13. I can't seem to post in the picture threads forum. Can start a new topic though 😕 These are not locked threads with over 100 posts.
  14. As the title says I am looking for a Tanaka Browning Hi-Power Mk.III black, heavy weight, and a Marushin UZI. Am located in Belgium.
  15. TineS

    Browning Hi-Power / UZI

    Since I can't seem to post in the picture threads 😕 here's my new baby ^^

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