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  1. Nice, gets rid of that annoying "safety catch" as well.
  2. Interesting. The Swedish film "Commander Hamilton" features Uzis mocked up like P90s.
  3. Interesting, but still not a SPAS 12.
  4. Army of the Dead. P90 may not be Airsoft but the accessories look to be.
  5. The Walther Thread is now archived, so I am leaving my tribute to the Legendary Sean Connery here. Maruzen with custom walnut grips. Tux by M&S.
  6. He was. Searching on the forums the other day and it brought up one of his old posts. Gave me a bit of an onion fairy moment...
  7. Please Marui, do a proper Para Ordnance and release the V10....
  8. That is an MP5k. PDW never had SEF lower (I believe) and SP89 never had a paddle mag release.
  9. I think there was idiocy on both sides, but that was many years ago. I do remember when some users (who shall remain anonymous) decided to raid the ARRSE forums and got very badly pwned. That is the reason for the stern warning in the photos section.
  10. I have just bought this gun from BBWERKZ, is it any good? show me your MTP Loadouts, has anyone used Taiwan gun? 🤣
  11. I joined in 2002, been softing for 17 years. Not my original user name, when the servers changed and the content was lost, I didn't rejoin for a while as the place seemed to be being run as the personal playground of the "cool crew" who had a nasty habit of ganging up on anyone who disagreed with them. When the forum was changed so you had to be registered to view outside the Newbie Zone I rejoined. Most of the idiots have been banned or left, and Arnies is back to what it used to be when so first joined.
  12. Just seen Bumblebee. Unless there are still some MC51s in movie prop armouries, one of the lead characters had an Airsoft one.
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