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  1. The 701 is still knocking around as a "Foreign Weapon" for training purposes.
  2. Which makes quoting Boothroyds description from the book in the film a bit contradictory. And he was hospitalised because the suppressor snagged while he was drawing it, not due to lack of stopping power.
  3. If we are having "Bond Guns" I want a full metal Beretta 1934. I know Western Arms did one, but seriously rare.
  4. Not Airsoft, but still involved charging around with a weapon making a prat of myself.
  5. Not TV and Movie, but sitting in a display case about the 1916 Easter Rising in the GPO Museum Dublin
  6. Interesting. The Swedish film "Commander Hamilton" features Uzis mocked up like P90s.
  7. Army of the Dead. P90 may not be Airsoft but the accessories look to be.
  8. The Walther Thread is now archived, so I am leaving my tribute to the Legendary Sean Connery here. Maruzen with custom walnut grips. Tux by M&S.
  9. He was. Searching on the forums the other day and it brought up one of his old posts. Gave me a bit of an onion fairy moment...
  10. Please Marui, do a proper Para Ordnance and release the V10....
  11. That is an MP5k. PDW never had SEF lower (I believe) and SP89 never had a paddle mag release.
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