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  1. I haven't commented here in a while (on the board or in this thread), but I started making my own Kydex gear and I started up a side business of making and selling them.
  2. How did you get such a good fit? I've been wanting to do this with my Hi-Cappa and I have a toaster oven not seeing any use!
  3. Hello Gentlemen... I'm sure this has been asked and answered; but is the lower receiver compatible with real steel buffer tubes? I want to change my M16 stock to a adjustable stock...
  4. Thats what I'm using in mine, and it has the G3 woods... You can find in a 9.6v mini NIMH or the 7.4v LIPO in it with no problems at all... I have a mosfet in there also and ran a quick disconnect to it that runs paralleled to the tamia plug where the stock meets the body. I think I have that annotated in my build write up...
  5. Don't feel unorginal, you're like the sixth or seventh dude in the airsoft playing universe who has one. I would go for a good sling rather then the carry handle, if you're not interested in the aesthetics of having one...
  6. ...I wanted to ask a follow up question; does anyone know of a inexpensive and reliable magazine for the WA patterned GBBR?
  7. You could run wires to the front and run a LiPo battery...
  8. I'm glad you revived this... To your question; I would sell one, keep the other for a back up, and pinch pennies to get teh WOC... Also, and anyone heard anything on the concerns of law enforcement in the US about the gas guns being converted to fire real rounds?
  9. What kind of temperatures are we talking about?
  10. Operation: Dragaon Rouge on May 09, 2009 Scenario The Congo Crisis (1960 -1965) was one of the longest and most brutal of the wars that racked Africa during the end of colonial rule on the continent. It started with the declaring of independence and led to civil war with many factions vying for power. The conflict saw unspeakable acts of barbarism against natives and foreigners alike. The conflict also saw a widespread use of mercenaries, both Western and African by the Congolese government. In 1964 a new group of rebels calling themselves the “Sambas” (Swahili for Lion) came to po
  11. You're alive! Bring it to the game! I'm itching to get one of these so bad!
  12. Quoted for truth... I've got my eye on one, inexpensive magazines would be epic. Just so if any parts makers out there are reading this.
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