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  1. kie

    Custom Gear

    Punkypink: I know how you feel, i also do my sewing the old fashioned way, Nice bit of kit anyway. See you at GZ08 k
  2. kie

    Custom Gear

    Very nice job, Looks really professional, I especially like the idea of the Hydration Carrier on the back of the chest rig. Nilz, good job with the RAID mod, I see you moved the chest pockets to the arms and swapped them with the lower pockets, must have been fiddly, nice use of Velcro too. k
  3. kie

    Glock Picture Thread

    You certainly don't, Carbon fiber by any chance? k
  4. kie


    Pics of things.
  5. kie

    Custom Gear

    'KK-pilot' I'm loving the LBV, looks very retro Molle. great job! k
  6. kie

    Custom Gear

    Sounds interesting, id just be careful which LBV pouch you mount them too since the mag pouches are designed to sit close to the sides of your body, i imagine the forward pouch set is probably your best option to avoid them getting in the way of your arms, though this may result in crushed grenades (no pun intended) when going prone. good luck 'Akapp' hugs an love k
  7. kie

    Custom Gear

    Gonzo don't worry you deserve all the focus you get on this thread. 'Akapp' To be honest anywhere you find comfortable is where id suggest and only you can decide that, i personally would probably think maybe the left had shoulder or somewhere above the first mag pouch set since the LBV is limited for empty space. oodles of cuddles k
  8. kie

    Custom Gear

    Excellent kit everyone, its good to see so many inventive designs. DesertFoxRomel, i was contemplating on making something similar to that not too long ago. i just hope it doesn't put too much strain on that Mollee loop. Mick0 12 mags! very good design obviously making good use of the new pockets. k
  9. kie

    Custom Gear

    Thanks Gonzo I really like the idea about the kneepad attachments you use as well. Ive also seen belt loops used in a similar way. k
  10. kie

    Custom Gear

    Thanks yea took about a days worth of work to do the lot. k
  11. kie

    Custom Gear

    Yes i agree paracord has many uses, i use platted paracord as a sling for my M4. Just completed a set of DPM trousers the same as my own with the integrated foam knee pads for my friend as well as RAID modifying a 95 shirt and RAID modifying his combat jacket with added elbow pads. I also created a Under body Armour Combat Shirt style top for myself with the off cuts... k RAID 95 shirt. Arm pockets on shirt. RAID 95 combat jacket with foam integrated elbow pads Elbow pad and arm pocket on jacket. As the hours grew longer i thought to myself "I'm gonna charge this guy for these modifications... either that or make him buy me a pint" DPM Under body Armour Combat Shirt
  12. kie

    Custom Gear

    Agreed it is not very pwityfull but I'm working more on the basis of functionality over appearances... and yes it is functional. if it comes to any reassurance i chopped up a set of ACU's for it. The knee pads are just basic foam inserts, personally i cant stand using conventional knee pads anymore. I'm currently going to RAID modify a British combat jacket, a shirt and trousers for a friend so ill post them up later next week. k
  13. kie

    Custom Gear

    '666cowboy' thats a really original method, I'm impressed by your ingenuity. I decided to add some ACU features to my DDPM 95's and it does the job k
  14. kie

    Custom Gear

    Tesco. k
  15. kie

    Custom Gear

    That site is excellent. Thanks gonzo k

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