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  1. Put a tiny o-ring/piece of rubber wiring cover to the fill valve so you won't be leaking while filling or something more serious going on?
  2. HFC T77 /w KSC short mac mag and a nice stubby grip. KSC mac for size comparison. (/For sale btw )
  3. Korppi


    Dude...it's fun and games until you shoot through some poor sods mesh eyewear or smash his/hers teeth. With that energy lip wont protect too well anymore against .4g (compared to lighter). And as said it's not cool to make 'em bleed either. Time for you to stop and think what your doing..
  4. Korppi


    :S This topic is a train wreck, I keep coming to see the flying limbs and burning bodies. A bit of repeating but I find it disturbing that something this trivial can cause such a mess...Always chrono with the bb player is really playing with, hop set and deal in joules, seriously. And especially with guns using expanding gas prepare for joule creep with heavy bb. Site owners who don't think of this aren't up to the task. Locally never been a problem..And personally been using a p* for over a year now.
  5. Dunno, could even be they are closing up their website/completely. No new stuff for some time.. Try the http://mp40modelguns.forumotion.net/ for reaching out modelgun enthusiastics & up to date info where to get them. There is a trading section so you could find stuff stateside.
  6. Actually they are among the more reliable retailers. Have done business with them for a decade. They used to be bigger but have since diminished & lost popularity but still keeping some unique items such as escort powered guns & PFC guns & accessories. The website design is among those unique things too just like dentrinity..
  7. And here's a Sterling which really well shows the potential of added magnesium.
  8. You can use magnesium powder in short barreled open barrel guns to create muzzle flashes. Add some powdered coal as the flash is white. I think it is not possible with the Marushin rifles as the gas is is not directly vented out of the barrel. Wa Shan makes full metal pistols with open barrels which are cheap and most durable choice. Stay away from Tanaka guns! They are absolute ###### with plastic everything... http://www.gunsnguys.com/home_ns.htm for example here is a good selection of pfc guns. Good retailer. Prices are in HKD. Heres a video shot with added magnesium. MGC
  9. Prices are Yen. Bought some stuff from franky couple years back. Seems that the website is still active so your good to go. Problem with these PFCs is that they eat themselves out faster than crappiest gbbs..Monkey metal or worse just metal powdered plastic on key parts...
  10. Well that is a lot of shots in a small area. The test they have at the site is pretty much in the line of both tests here, few more shots and it will penetrate. But seriously, 10+ shots point blank in someone face? Or the 50 rounds from a distance? The one in the receiving end wouldn't just sit there and take it immobile. The mesh can take a spray easily but not focused. After some more concerning hits Iv always replaced my mesh because, as concluded, the bent mesh has lost its strength. That is the price you have to pay from using it. Dent it -> replace it. Been using Herosharks cu
  11. I'm having problems spotting any guns in the pics .S There should be a gun-girl threat definitely.
  12. Escort (Y&E) MP5A4, rs stock FTC MP5K It is a bit of a puzzle to assemble for first time Asahi M60E3 shorty SDX Asahi Sterling
  13. Asahi Sterling with LRB and 18 mags. This one flew to France though when I got a Super Sterling. Miss the 3000rpm though.
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