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  1. wwjkc I have always liked that style of slide and barrel, where did you get them from and can we have some more pictures Thanks
  2. very nice pics what dont work properly on it , If you post the problem you will get the answer.
  3. Im sure Ive posted this before but it might help This is on a TM gbb glock 17 and the stock needed modding to fit the frame
  4. to late to edit so here are some pics the trigger guard needs a small radius on the bottom but as Im right handed I havent bothered
  5. I have a PGC p226 in silver but the pics are not the best I will post some tommorow if I get time As to the finish the PGC frame, it is a satin machined finish ,and you get what you pay for. I did have a chrome one when they first came out only to strip some bits for a friends 2 tone. the finish was nice but much to shiny for me. the silver mags drop free with ease
  6. there is too many rifles on this forum TIME FOR A PISTOL
  7. the sniper

    tm glock 34

    my modded glock 34
  8. As requested by Chris u 5 here is a pic of my tm glock hope you all like it (full specs on request)
  9. Chris , Billy is correct I can give info on the guarder frame, and I suppose I will have to put some more pics of my glock 34's up As for the frame both the ones I have fitted have had problems (related to the quality of the frame). I found the plastic very brittle and changed mine back and will use the guarder one for molds to make a magwell fitting was (personally) easy the hammer mech come out in one piece and the trigger bar is slotted in making it easer than the KSC glocks the boomarms 34 slide and barrel on the other hand is a QUALITY piece of kit and I have had no problem
  10. Romulus since Billy5150 is being slow I will answer your question for him The Hex Screws for the grips are hogue RS screws. All that was done was the frame was tapped out to the correct size (m4 fine if I remember correctly)
  11. Fire support have them in stock p226 mag lips
  12. Junior what inner barrel is that on your KSC g17?
  13. I have a g34 slide on my marui glock 17 and I found easy to fit and of great quality As for extra parts I fitted an extended inner barrel (PDI P226 6.01) link but the marui hi cap inner barrels will also fit just needs to be the 6 or 7 inch ones and then cut them down small note (the hole in the end of the outer barrel will need to be enlarged for the extended barrels to fit) modded nine ball recoil rod with custom spring as the slide hits the frame quite hard when it is fully back shooters design hammer spring (found the guarder one to strong)
  14. before you dremel off the inner barrel I have a question and some info for you Is the inner barrel you have just the correct lengh for the outer? I have a marui g17 with the same slide and I found that the end if the outer barrel is to small for the inner to fit through (and rock) so I opened it with a tapered reamer and then fitted the p226 extended 6.01mm inner barrel from PDI and it fits to the end of the outer just fine (with the slide forward) cycles great hope this helps I just seems a pity to shorten a 01 barrel
  15. Yes I have tried it and it does BUT The rail does not centre over the slide the trigger pin hole would need moving slightly up I think the trigger pin would fit (it is the same diameter and a similar length) It would not make the rail removable as it is on the KSC because the trigger pin on the marui glock is only 1 pin whereas the trigger pin on the KSC is a pin that fits in a piece of tube an it's the tube that holds the trigger mech and other parts in place hope this helps
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