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  1. They're fine as they are as far im concerned lol i dont like looking in different sections for everything, i prefer having it all in one place myself.
  2. Should start your own business on here lol im sure plenty people would pay to have their slides etc done
  3. Is there really any need for sections such as "jewelery and watches" etc it's not exactly often someone sells jewelery lol and the car section aswell, is there really any point? if you want to sell your car put an advert in auto-trader! i think a few of those sections could be taken away. Even some of the airsoft ones, ie, gas, when have you ever seen someone selling cans of gas on here? Im kinda with letterbomb aswell, great for sellers, not so good for buyers, unless you have plenty cash to throw around.
  4. Just noticed a US sale listed and thought that if all the sales threads were mixed together it could get confusing, maybe you'd need a seperate one for US/UK? I personally prefer the sale section as it is, if it's not broken dont fix it and all that..
  5. I wasn't directing that at anyone in particular m8, i just think it makes sense to take the time and grab photos before listing it so that they're there from the word go. People are always going to want to see pictures if they're available, so it saves the seller time aswell by not having to email them to multiple people and so on.
  6. I think we need a rule that says if you have photos, you NEED to post them straight away. It's so annoying (to me lol) when people say "if you want to see photos, pm me!" of course we want to see photos!! If you have them, or have the capability to take them, then do it and post them straight away! *rant mode off* Havoc - not directed at you incase thats what your thinking
  7. Will this be taking over the classified section on the forum? or is this just a seperate thing?
  8. Nice collection dannyboy
  9. Oh noes!! railed frame 17L Pretty sure the non railed frame GLOCKS you talk about are the older 2nd gen frames, also have none finger grooves on the grip.
  10. wtf is kliskey doing with 12 grand in cash just lying around!?! lol
  11. Not a big fan of the famas myself, but i quite like that sniper variant
  12. Donnie - ZOMG!! holy ######! thats an insane collection! must be nice to have money lol
  13. After having my flat burgled and having 2 pistols stolen, i decided it wasn't such a great idea to leave guns openly displayed Some sweet pictures here though
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