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  1. My Asahi M60 is one of the best skirmish guns you can get. The range with a LRB is silly, and by that I mean that I loss sight of the bb well before it gets to it's maximum range. The Sun Project/Daytonagun guns are another version that is very skirmish-able, in my opinion better than the current gas in the mag style GBBr's You do have to put up with the gas bottle, but I got over it fairly quickly once playing. I have tried to use a non-LRB Jac M16, and that was pretty awful, it didn't help that the rof was so high it was like a lazer and it had almost no range.
  2. Can't seem to edit, but here is my old (and long sold) Escort MP5 It had a Daytonagun bolt Here is my Asahi M60, fitted with a LRB, this gun has awesome range Asahi M60e3
  3. This is a M4 CQB that I put together. It's had a little work done on it, both externally and internally. Haven't really used it yet
  4. Padding is pretty good, much better than those cheap ACM masks, and about on par with the Cactus Hobbies masks. You can wear it most of the day without much dis-comfort.
  5. Just finished the externals on my latest M4 so I thought I'd share
  6. Small update as I’ve now skirmished with this mask. Overall it was very good, it did it’s job very well. It was safe and the vision from the mask was great. I did find it slightly tighter on the face than my Cactus hobbies masks, but that might just be this one. Also I found that the back strap wasn’t as conformable as the Cactus Hobbies version, the Rlux is very stiff at the back of the head and it took me some messing about to get it in a comfortable place before I could skirmish. I still think that the overall quality is slightly lower than the Cactus hobbies masks, and if Rlux and
  7. I haven’t seen any other reviews of these masks so since I’ve just bought one I thought I’d share my thoughts. First off a little about my thoughts on masks. I have been playing airsoft for quite a while, and ever since I started playing I have always wore a full face mask, I have seen too many teeth shot out for me to risk anything. I started with a basic face mask, these were OK but a little boring, and needed to be replaced ever year or two. A few years ago, when I was looking for a replacement, I discovered the Cactus Hobbies Army of Two mask. I ordered one of these masks, and they hav
  8. Quick question, I've just traded for a WE Scar, and it works fine, but there is one small problem. When I manually pull the bold handle back it's very stiff, like something is binding. It works fine when it shoots, it's just when you pull the handle manually. Can anyone please help?
  9. Bought a VSR trigger housing. Excellent efficiency, excellent communication, speedy postage and excellent packaging.

    5* seller!



  10. Here is my latest AR15 build, not even close to being finished yet, but this is so far....
  11. Here are a few pictures, still very much getting use to it. I keep messing up with the range finder, I keep cutting off the picture, at least I know for next time.
  12. Very nice pictures on here, very much like ChrisWPA's. I'm not a very good photographer, but I do like playing about. I took some pictures at a local classic car event, I'll dig them out when I get home. I'm starting to use my dad's Lieca M8 with a 28mm lense, still very new to it, and I'm at the bottom of the learning curve.
  13. Bought wooden rifle stock - great product

    Fast delivery, fantastic communications

    and some SERIOUS packaging! 5*



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