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  1. Warning, boring updates on peoples lives

  2. Well, after some trail fitting, I can say that anyone trying to fit this to a front wired AR15 should consider long & hard before buying! As this is going into a LR300 with a foldy stock, putting it all into the buffer tube is not an option. Time to break out the dremel & enlarge the wiring pass-thru infront of the hop!
  3. Mod Edit: Merged http://www.awsairsoft.com/scorpion Details here... Got back from overseas, and it was on my doorstep! (well, someone had brought it inside, as it would have got wet!) All the parts are there, should be fitting it in the next week or so. Looks like routing all the wiring is going to be fun- the lr300 it's going into doesn't have much space to run wires, not like an AK or SCAR.
  4. A badly fitting part is a badly fitting part........

  5. This is much too tempting! Anyone got a chrono reading for it on GG with a .2?
  6. Looking good mate, glad to see the SF handguard went to a good home
  7. For what It's worth, its a silly idea. The extended barrel isn't going to give you much of an advantage in range or accuracy, the gun shoots 400fps out of the box, so you don't need the FPS bost, all you would be doing is making what is a compact gun longer, with negligible performance bost offsetting that. If you like the look, sure, go for it, but your silencer isn't going to silence with a barrel running to the end of it, and you will have to change out the barrel if you want to remove the silencer. So I wouldn't do it..
  8. Well, on my monitor (recently profiled with a Pantone Huey Pro) it looks green.
  9. Mate, still interested in the APS?

  10. WE make *suitcase* guns. It's not news at this point.
  11. Quick Skirmish Update: A mate used the mask this weekend at a skirmish at "the killhouse" outside Manchester. He had a pair of Bolle X800s on as eyepro, which fitted fine with the mask (to answer the question of an above poster coincidently). He complained that the "wings" of the mask were a bit tight against his face, but a bit of gentle re-shaping solved that issue. As for protection, I saw him take several hits on the mask without the paint so much as flaking, so no concerns there. The mask stayed in place for 3 hours without any issue or need for adjustment, so that's always a plus.
  12. Hrm, that doesn't make much sense tbh, while balance is something that is applied by the cameras processor when it makes the JPEG (along with saturation, ect ect) Working with RAW is esentially doing what the camera does (just with much more flexibility) when it creates the JPEG. The problem that you are talking about occurs when you shoot under nasty light that is far away from being daylight balanced, so you lose a bit of info when shifting the color to proper balance. This is exaggerated if you images are not well exposed in the first place. Just read oikoik's post, and yeah, a Grey c
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