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  1. If it's just the base plate, and it's probably a stupid idea, would one from an AEG fit ? I know this possibly isn't the best place to ask but as it's a question specific to the gun. I was going to put a suppresor on mine, I know anything 14mm neg will fit but is there a "right" one ? Thanks
  2. I can offer a couple of candidates, all clearly pistols but I'm not sure if you'd consider all of them "carbines" as the last two can revert to straight pistol style very quickly. However........ (Modern) Hera Glock Based on a KWA G17 (Recent - 1970's) HK VP70 Tanio Koba (old school) HFC C96 Personally I like them all in their own different ways. Dave
  3. Good guy to trade with, nice comms and no messing around. Pleasure dealing with you.

  4. Dave is a great guy to deal with. Honest, honourable and all round decent chap. One of the Stars of old skool Airsoft. I have traded many items with him and would always do so. Thanks for all the business you have provided me!

  5. Hmmm.............. works for me
  6. So much top quality stuff here guys in paticular all the unique custom builds and aged gear which honestly is just plain art work. Good work all of you - let's see more. I'm afraid I've nothing I can add which comes anywhere near your gear but I've slowly accumulated, with no big plan in mind, some WWII pieces a few of which are here. As I say no real plan just bought them because for some reason I liked each of them.
  7. It's the clone version, bought second hand of one of the forums. Works quite nicely and with a satifying whuump! I just need to get more shells as some of them are too long to fit the cylinder.
  8. Look what I found under the Christmas tree! Just need to get some more shells now. Dave
  9. The right tools let you do a proper job, without them it might still be possible but it's easier to mess it up if you "make do". Hmm......... paint the shower blue with some fake panel detail........ Nahh I think the boss might not be too happy with that. She's pretty tolerant so I shouldn't push too far, puts up with all the airsoft kit and my other "toys" like Sec's two brothers, not new but what the heck I don't think I put a picture up. Again the 18" versions. Dave
  10. No, not at all, if you want it or need it to do something you want to do I'd say you've every right to be excited. It is maybe a bit...... "grown up" so to bring it back down to a level I work better at He's an 18" tall voice or radio controlled Dalek Sec. The photo is a bit poo but it's a grey miserable day so the light naff. I like him, the size makes him quite "chunky".Quite spooky when you talk to him and the head turns to face you when he replies I've not seen too many of the black ones around, now I just have to work out where to put him. Dave
  11. Hmm not sure if it counts - but I'd still like one. Any way after all these years of airsoft and it's only this summer I get my first revolver, along comes Autumn and another one turns up. Ruger Super Blackhawk - also my first ever 8mm. I can resist anything but temptation.
  12. Well I guess if you've only got one revolver you might as well make it one they'll notice. I didn't realise just how big it was untill it arrived so when I took the pic I needed something to give a sense of scale to it.
  13. Found on this very forum and arrived just yesterday. I bought it specifically (30 second decision ) because I have the pulse rifle but the three round burst is probably enough fun to justify it anyhow. It's the Tanio Koba version but I understand there's a UHC version too, don't know what the relationship / compatability between them is. I'm sure someone will be along who does though. That's it with the stock attached.
  14. I was looking for some parts for an AK when I chanced across this. A couple of PMs later and I have a playmate for my pulse rifle.
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