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  1. Is the piston head the same non ported type as the "pre finalized" units had? I was pretty sceptic when people claimed that the internals will be overhauled just before release, seems I was right. Looks like I'll pass this one.
  2. And now, please, somebody have the courage to pop one open. I must know if they really have changed away from Ares internals, as especially their motor the that pictures have shown to date, is absolute rubbish.
  3. My sleek and simple G&P Mk18 Mod0, with some modern touches here and there.
  4. Dire straits pride?

  5. Is there a particular reason you can't show us the internals? It's kinda the biggest question mark the thing has on it.
  6. Glad to see I'm not the only one enjoying the MIAD in sleek form.
  7. So, the question remains. What happens when you inevitably crack the V2 type shell at the front in some point? Is PTS going to sell the propietary shell as a replacement?
  8. Can you get those KAC style flip up rails (like Woozie has) anywhere anymore? There's supposed to be a CA one, but it seems to be out of stock everywhere. BTW, Woozies G36C is pretty much the prettiest G36 configuration up to date.
  9. Finally got the time to skirmish after a busy spring. Two days, two cities, two games. These are from the latter one, we enjoyed a jolly blizzard in the first one.
  10. My concolences. My current one just lost it's carry handle. The thing is starting to have every external part replaced by a Marui.
  11. Just applied the trick on my G&P AR-15 and dear god is it solid now. Hwagan, I'm marrying you if you end up in Finland some day. Seriously.
  12. 6mm bearings are just screaming for trouble. Better get solid 6mm bushings. Bearings are viable at 7mm and bigger.
  13. Meh, desert pants but I love WL nevertheless. And no, I won't blouse my trousers, got sick of that in the army.
  14. Yea, it really is very nice externally compared to the usual Chinese guns. I've turned a few heads too while mentioning that it's a Dboys. Just as a report, mine is doing fine now after a few months. I had a few problems with hop rubbers after stupidly taking the Systema rubber out, but otherwise it's fine. An amazement is that the externals are in superb condition, the paint for instance has held on A LOT better than CA paint I have horrid experience with.
  15. Any pics of the internals? I would be curious to see if they have changed a lot, especially if the shell is black now.
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