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  1. I second Rattler's comment.

  2. Nope, its been done in Afghanistan IIRC. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/6269613.stm
  3. Great trader, prompt shipping and item was received as described.

  4. Outstanding trader, described very well and I received the product in better condition than I thought, wrapped in the plastic in the original box.

    Will NOT hesitate to do business with again.

  5. The first one is on milspecmonkey.com http://www.milspecmonkey.com/
  6. I believe the plate carrier with the curved top is the Paraclete Hard Plate Carrier. A few other rigs ive seen being used include the SDS FLC, Tactical Tailor MAV, CIRAS, RRV, LBV-88, BHI LBE and maybe a BHI CRCH. There are a ###### load of others that i cant identify.
  7. I dont know if its just my M4, but i cant see my sites when my VFC PEQ is mounted. Ill post pics later.
  8. I think i saw that on wikipedia. The old dude is Tommy Franks IIRC.
  9. They wore mechanix in "Inside the Green Berets" http://youtube.com/watch?v=0K6laWWnVgk
  10. Looks awesome, im thinking about doing simmilar to that, how heavy is it?
  11. What rifle is the Marine carrying? Also, any chance that they're Scout Snipers?
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