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  1. Is that an HK drum sight on the bottom front rail...? :S
  2. where did you buy them from? they look good
  3. They look pretty similar, but the mk.23 is a big mofo..
  4. lol, no one geeky enough to spot the USPc safety and hammer on my .45? The only threaded barrel I've seen for the USP .45 is part of a kit with Shooters Design slides. Mine was orginally that, but the outer barrel had many issues..
  5. yeah, SD slides give that effect when bright desk lights are shone on them I guess?
  6. 'TGS G3 Selector Switch' Anyone got one of these? Are they any good / worth the money? Cheers
  7. the lowers are easy to fit, though you have to pass the motor wires through to the motor compartment which can prove annoying if you've not done that before? yeah apprently the SAS used the MC51 briefly if you believe what the internet says, I'd imagine the kick on a sliding stock of that calibre would be way too much
  8. Whoa, sorry no constant source of internet atm due to move! Basically it started out as a TM MC51 and it's had alot of upgrades.. The flashlight/foregrip is for an MP5, but I modded it to fit this, seeing as an MC51 front end is MP5 length. It was not hard to fit, a bit of dremelling on plastic, the fumes were rather special though! Getting a 8.4v mini in there is tricky, I had to remove the front fuse box. The lower reciever (trigger group) is a G+G polyer one, which I much prefer over the righthand style.
  9. Ah cheers mate, they do make excellent stocks especially for 5ft9 chinese peeps Where does the battery go in your G3? Somewhere in the front or do you use the other stock? I do like how your mate has used the endcap off a slding stock on your one, it looks less botched!
  10. I've been through all the G3 stocks bar the MP5-style G3SAS folding one heh
  11. hot glocks there Wutang! Have you got a 'side on' pic of the custom stock? How did you make it?
  12. Anyone in the UK got a suitable Trigger Spring (part 47) for TM P226? I would offer around fiver
  13. 2nd config is my fav Yeah battery would be tricky... have you considered going external? You could buy a RS G3 mag (or a cheap Low cap) and gut it out, turning that into an external battery holder? Though that assumes you like the look of a mag clamp
  14. Paint the Lower! Paint the Lower! Paint the Lower! etc
  15. cheers dude! alas, the bottom one is more upgraded
  16. could be those 6mm paint-ball style ones you can buy?
  17. I used a cut down WA 1911 spring, gives decent recoil speed when tuned properly.. Tbh, so long as the spring diameter is sensible, it will probably fit fine!
  18. That's pretty hot! What make ACOG is that?
  19. yeah probably some odd perspective jobby going on there mate! a shortened UMP-G3 stock would be awesome
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