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  1. ancorp

    KJW M4

    I have this issue also... and sometimes the bolt carrier locks forward and vents all the gas out too.
  2. Is that a real steel 40 round mag? The finish looks like a Cyma midcap...
  3. ancorp

    KJW M4

    Everything seems fine. Mag valves are not sticky, piston is fine, trigger group seems fine. But - the striker might be the issue? I notice that moving it up and down has quite some friction. Inserting a mag with the hammer down, and then racking it results in dryfire, the striker sticks in the upper forward position. So I have to rack the bolt carrier without a magazine in there. Can someone guide me with disassembling the striker out of the lower receiver so I can inspect it and reassemble?
  4. ancorp

    KJW M4

    Hey guys, Picked up a KJW M4 locally that has been disassembled and reassembled by the previous owner. It has erratic auto fire. Sometimes you can get a good burst, sometimes it short strokes, sometimes it vents. Semi runs 100% perfectly. My guess is its not properly assembled. Is it normal for the selector not be able to switch to auto when the hammer is down? I know you can't put it on safe with the hammer down, but switching from semi to auto should still work, no? It moves almost all the way, but then the gray trigger sear blocks it apparently. Regards, Alex
  5. Why what ever do you mean? Most of the AK is refinished with cold bluing.
  6. Then you certainly shouldn't leave out the AK-109 - 7.62x39
  7. mightyjebus, Unscalloped unvented uppers are for late RPK-74's before switching to plum, but supposedly there is some debate that they were also installed on some AK-74s just before switching to plum also, although I doubt they came out of the factory that way.
  8. Hoppum that is an outstanding and lovely collection. You definitely went for the best of the best there.
  9. You mean sandpapered? The receiver really gives it away. Find a way to smooth them out and it'll look lovely.
  10. Russian laminate is beautiful no matter what condition it's in. Fielded my AKS-74 recently for the first time:
  11. Looks like the AK was cold blued?
  12. Fullstock TM compatible body is what you need.
  13. They look like Cymas to me... got a pic of their other sides?
  14. Real AK stocks have a spring inside to push the kit out when you press in the hinged door. Not sure if any airsoft ones have that.
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