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  1. Haha, thanks guys. I don't really follow any guide/patterns...I mostly work off of from my numerous experiences of painting. I guess I don't really think too much of it, I just go for it.
  2. Haha, thanks. Actually, the bulk of it took about 20 or so minutes (with drying). The rest was just painting the other parts that would go on later.
  3. Haha, thanks. I do get the "what the..." look from some people, but that usually passes when they start asking how I painted it. I know your sentiment regarding keeping the original finish...but I figured it wouldn't be too bad for my AR since I only used Krylon. I could always remove it later if need be. Likewise, although this sounds counter-intuitive, the Krylon on there helps protect the original adonized finish a little bit from scratches, etc. And as I said before, the paint can be removed with acetone later.
  4. Nice, very nice. I'm digging this configuration a little more than your CQBR. Oh, did you ever get around to painting it? Doesn't seem like it since the lower's still unpainted?
  5. DELTA, Awesome awesome work with the FALs!! Perhaps one of the best ones I've seen to date that are painted. Haha, thanks. 80% of AR15s out there are black/gray. I wanted mine to be a little different, so the decision was fairly easy. As for changing anything else, I'm going to keep it like this for now. The only think I changed were the stock ribbed foregrip with my KAC RAS. In the future, I may get a Milspec buffer tube and get a LMT SOPMOD stock. But that's still a far way off, as the current RRA 6 pos stock is more than enough than what I need. As for more pictures:
  6. Haha, lucky guy in the rusting helo.
  7. Haha, thanks Raven. Looks like you had fun in your game. Those VIP scenarios are always hard as hell to succeed in, lol.
  8. Haha, thanks. Nope, the holster's an old Uncle Mike's 1911 holster. And yep, that's my RS AR15 I painted with a 16 inch barrel. Barrel length isn't as noticeable if painted, initially at least, lol. Yea, as for Getting some RAID BDUs would help, but I got those BDU sets 4 years ago for $13, haha. Nope, you were right. Yep, Chameleon. They really don't have much ankle support like you said, so it's up to the person on when and where to wear it because of that. For what I use it for, it's more than enough. Haha, yea, a lot of the gear stuff is really bud
  9. Light setup. Rifle's real (it wasn't loaded, and picture was taken in a controlled environment). This setup does hold 12 magazines though. Plate carrier's Molle pouches hold 6, then 6 more in the 2 alice pouches on the belt.
  10. Light setup. Rifle's real (rifle wasn't loaded, and pictures were taken in a controlled environment). Magazine capacity from this setup is 12. The plate carrier's molle packs hold 6, and the alice pouches on the belt holds another 6. The front is fairly flat, allowing me to go prone easily.
  11. Haha, thanks. I was a bit hesitant at first...since this cost much much more than my AEG, but nothing was going to stop me from painting it. Once I started, it felt just like painting an AEG, lol. Don't feel bad...I've been called crazy (and other worse things) when I decided to paint my AR. If you do want to paint your AEG, practice on something else first.
  12. After painting for years on my M4 AEG, I took it a step further up today and finally painted my AR15: I guess after painting my AEG so many times, painting the real deal felt 'normal.'
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