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  1. WE M4 Open Bolt Re-uploaded as hosting for previous pics has failed it seems.
  2. Sometimes like this sometimes like that WE M4 CQBR Open Bolt
  3. Got the mbus pro on, Really nice rear sight.
  4. Sometimes I like to use my index finger/2 fingers on the handstop/thumb over the top of the rail as it brings my elbow in, works very well for me.
  5. one without the rug for the rug o phobics !
  6. 2013 WE M4 CQBR Open Bolt. Not finished yet but its coming along.
  7. They are unfortunately difficult to get hold of. You can get the PGC slide & threaded barrel set for around $80 + shipping thats in stock at a few places.
  8. Thanks for the comments, Heres some specs Base Gun - TM G17 Guarder Frame Guarder Threaded Barrel Guarder Loading Nozzle Guarder 150% recoil Spring & rod Guarder modified hi flow valve Aluminium Piston Internal Springs replaced PGC Slide Detonator Trijicon Tritium Sights F/R Trijicon RMR clone The RMR isnt mounted yet as im having a mount made as i write this. Gun shoots great finally, has been through a multitude of problems but is now all sorted from the inside out. I do enjoy shooting this pistol, can't wait for the RMR to be mounted securely. Cheers
  9. My 17 I've been working on.
  10. My 2 Glocks, Both Marui, Both upgraded internally/externally.
  11. puding, That is an awesome rifle, very well done.
  12. Good seller, good comms and postage, will buy from again!

    Cheers Mate.

  13. hwagan: Covers are Magpul XTM's on the sides and Magpul ladders on top/bottom. Solid as a rock with no play/movement at all. The ladders feel nice to, slightly rubbery compared to others i've tried.
  14. Cheers uscmCorps, I was thinking of spraying the barrel black and polishing the KAC flashider, not sure though. Lambolurker, I like that setup a lot, what brand peq is that ?
  15. Mine so far, no finished yet.
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