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  1. I think next year, Black Friday should coincide with "The Purge"

  2. After 7 years of using bushings, I have seen the light and converted to ceramic bearings. ALL HAIL CERAMICS \(-_-\)

  3. Z-tactical hearing protection yay or nay?

    1. jal3


      The high end sordins are so cheap now that clones ain't worth the time.

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  4. Is it just me or can nobody find/see the video section?

    1. jal3


      The "Videos Thread" is impossible to find...i've told admins to sticky it multiple times, but no luck yet. I only get to see it when somebody posts in it and bumps it up in my view.

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  5. Sim rounds are cool as fruitcage. Somehow, we need to make that stuff civvie legal here.

  6. Out of interest, is everyone happy with the 100 post requirement for sales? What is the experience of users, now that it has been in place for a few years? Would a reduced postcount requirement to access sales be preferable or bring a return to fraudulent users?

    1. jal3


      It's a horrendeus limit! I think it should be changed to 75 posts!

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