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  1. jamesdack

    A&K M60VN

    Is this for sale in the UK yet?
  2. For the wooden furniture you will have to get real steel and mod the butt sock and handguards to fit. You will also need to get a wooden carrying handle as well. You will be looking at around £140 all in for the wooden furniture on ebay or you might be able to get it cheaper at a militaria fair. Hope this helps.
  3. The UK gov gave away most of the slr's to Africa in the mid 90's as military aid.
  4. The change from wood to plastic happened in the mid to late 70's. However I did see some old HSF blokes in the mid to late 80's before they were disbanded with the old syle wooden furniture on their gats. Also the Aussies used te wooden furniture on there SLRs upto the late 80's.
  5. All it takes is a bit of drilling and fitting
  6. I have a KA L1A1 ith wooden furniture. You do have to hollow out the butt. What handguard will you be using (triangular or oval) if you use the triangualar one you have remove some of the wood by the gas return tube at the back. Once this is done its a peice of ###### to fit and it looks superb too. Will you also be going for a wooden or plastic carrying handle as well?
  7. Thanks for that. Just taken the slr out to have a blat in tha garden the range is superb as this easily outranges my CA M16vn. What a superb aeg much better than the FN FAL. BTW does anybody know how to remove the carrying handle.
  8. Does anybody know what size the screw is on the pistol grip (the one that holds the pistol grip to the motor cage)
  9. The also used M16a1, SLR with wooden furniture and the M60 in the mid to late 80's.
  10. Aussie dpcu flag 100% correct and an aussie bomb disposal badge much better than the other badge. Good work fella.
  11. To a proper DPCU flag
  12. thanks for the reviews
  13. Has anybody got one of these beasties as I am after a review of the rifle.
  14. I agree with skippie, ebay.co.uk has a lot of Auscam gear for sale.
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