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  1. TM 1911, black guarder MBK, 9ball silver metal barrel, stiffer recoil + hammer springs, oh and some grips which I can't identify...
  2. man I'm way too excited about this... TM AK47 based, G&P handguard + folding VFG set, "tac" grip from a JG AK, systema and prometheus internals.
  3. like the element ak74 body I have sitting around eh, it shoots so good right now, I'm gonna wait a bit.
  4. Based on a TM AK47, nothing too special on the outside, "tac" grip from a JG AK RIS, G&P railed foregrips, Black stock from a TM Beita Spetz, Guarder ribbed Steel receiver cover and slant muzzle brake. Inside's got a bit of work put into it, Genuine Systema Gearset, Systema metal spring guide with bearings, Area 1000 metal bushings, Guarder SP?? spring, Prometheus AK length inner barrel, and blue Prometheus soft type bucking. Shoots straight as a laser, and yeah, that's the TM warning sticker on there still sign of quality that is. many thanks go out to ledpocket for getting m
  5. honestly as long as it's still durable lighter weight is actually a good thing, as the CA 249 is just a PITA to carry.
  6. shroomy, if you ever want to sell any of those, hit me up man...
  7. very perceptive of you.... I'm left handed.
  8. Tan-ish loadout -Eagle/SKD Universal Chest Rig -HSGI Suspenders -Blackwater MOLLE Belt -Bianchi M12 Holster -Blackhawk Triple AK Mag Pouch
  9. good lord, I just had a play with the Inokatsu Galil ARM... so hawt I could barely contain the big grin on my face when I held it! If I decide to not eat for 2 months and buy it I'll be sure to take pictures...
  10. man that looks really hawt trasher, did your CM-31 come with the newer TM compatible hop unit? Might just have to get one since I have a Element body just collecting dust.
  11. IMHO it's better to start with great internals and then add external parts than starting with iffy internals, unless you don't mind losing ~40 FPS due to poor airseal and having terrible range, which happended to my when I went cheap. Pic of the latest, a frankenstein of sorts -TM AK47 -"Tac" grip from a JG AK47RIS -Pro Arms Scope Mount -Guarder Slant Muzzle Brake -Guarder Ribbed top cover -systema gears, spring guide -Prometheus Soft Bucking -Prometheus EG Barrel really need to paint the grips black, maybe throw a GL on there for shites and giggles.
  12. TM AK47, you just can't go wrong with one. Metal may feel nice, but it won't help your gun shoot farther.
  13. "well, it would certainly be great if we had some GRENADEs right now!" I love firefly... new pic of my AUG, added the meat tenderizer FH, and the BSA LER 2X20 Scope on a high ring, yeah I know it looks weird, but it works and that's what I go for. Oh and also installed a Guarder Clear Hop bucking. My new TM AK47 of doom... well okay not really it's just a plain jane TM AK, with a "tac" grip from a JG AK47 RIS, a G&P Slant muzzle brake, and a Pro-Arms scope mount, I realy need to pain them grips black... Inside is pretty upgraded, Prometheus Barrel + Prometheus Soft ho
  14. very good news indeed DL, here's to hoping AA improved the QC on the next few production runs.
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