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  1. u r getting mixed up mate ;)

  2. are you the guy making custom Tanaka M700 nozzles? Or am I getting mixed up

  3. Forze

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    local weapon shops like Wapens Lang in Antwerp, Van Nieuwenhuyse in Wetteren etc. Most real steel parts are compatible with a little adjustment & McGyverism .
  4. Forze

    M14 Picture Thread

    -Cyma M14 -Cyma Rail -Taiwangun wooden m14 stock -CA bipod with vfc m14 mount -KA M3 with G&P high mounts
  5. Forze

    1911 Picture Thread

    got my new ARMY MEU's in gold they work excellent & my Bell M1911 mags fit & work perfectly
  6. Forze

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    Also, on Neovenom's defence: the small-type mags have a nasty tendency to explode (burts open) in the magwell (had it with 3 of my 5 mags)
  7. Forze

    SMG Picture Thread

    all customs (CA out, galaxy + TM inner)
  8. Forze

    Videos Thread !

    some footage from a (small) local field with a local club called "Airsoft Antwerpen". Everything is natural (i.e. no acting) so the action is quite fluent . I'm the idiot doing the little dance in the end.
  9. Forze

    Silenced Guns Picture Thread

    copyright issues mate

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