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  1. Been in a waiting list since February. Got my Valve Index yesterday. Squeeeeeee
  2. Depending on the mail system it will be time received, not time sent. Things can get held up in the system for all sorts of reasons. Mail with multiple Cc recipients can all show different times under those circumstances.
  3. Still hungry. We're opening the site on the 24th of July. My neighbour died of COVID-19. I have lost a hair over 5kg. End of update.
  4. I am on a diet, Now I am fat and hungry all the time. Bleh.
  5. My life hasn't changed much either. That isn't inherently bad, it just means that the people I care about are almost all online friends so the way I interact with that hasn't changed. I don't really like people or the outernet so being in the house is fine to me. You seem to have a lot on your mind, look if your boss has made you do a new job with no training that essentially absolves you of any responsibility for mistakes. I find that makes me less stressed. If I mess up, it's their fault for not training me. A fact that can (if necessary) be argued in court. I hope y
  6. That sound you hear is me retching. CTRL+W, close tab. Read it, close it. I have an encrypted drive and any time my laptop is out of my sight I turn it off so that will never happen to me but. You are sick. The reason the Tab thing happens to me is that I never log into Youtube, I don't have any subscriptions. I save the "Videos" page of any channel I like in a OneTab and check them once a day. Never miss a video, never comply with Google.
  7. Need it for paint. Can't quite cope with opening 70 tabs at once though. Actually, now that I have a VR headset (on loan from work) I am going to give DCS world flight sim another bash. See if I can master the UH-1
  8. Guess who has got a new computer? He's tall, a bit chonk, posts the on this forum, double posts actually. It's me. Wasn't that hard to guess actually. Anyway. Got myself a 3900x, X570m Pro4, a PCIe Gen 4 M.2 SSD, 32 gigs of decent RAM and I am going to water cool it and jam it in (and partly out of) a case with my old 1080ti and PSU because there was nothing wrong with them. I needed to order some cooling parts so I can't do pics until they arrive but when they do, I will.
  9. As long as it's on the back it's probably OK for a while. Getting it looked at should be 10 to 15 quid, tops.
  10. Well, some builders masks will work guys. The key is that they are FFP3 or FF-P3. But yes, my mum has made some for herself with elastic and some black linen, This is what happens when you spend your life teaching home economics and not biology. Didn't have the heart to tell her.
  11. OH NO! What will all the countries of Europe do to let us know theat nobody likes us? Kick us out of the EU? Oh, wait...
  12. I am so hungry right now. hnnnnnng! DnD campaign is going well. So far at least. I have a lovely little group of badasses developing.
  13. Bloody hell. We've been in work, working on an "as needed" basis, going home when I have no students. I have heard a rumor that we are getting sent home today until the 28th. Oof. So, if anyone is stuck, in trouble or needs an amigo, chime in. We're here. This forum has shrunk, it's smol now but all the casuals have left. What's left in this thread and the forum in general are a core of really great people. If you need something and I've got it. It's yours. Stay safe, be there for each other. Also, if you are thinking of
  14. I've ramped up the bike training. £ of us are doing Chase the Sun this June. 206 miles in 16.5 hours. It's going to be tough. Anyway, I am back down to 108kg and got an FTP of 217 watts. I'm back to 2 watts per kilo. Not bad, at my best I was 83kg and 351 watts though. That's a long way to go.
  15. Most of the time those old CRTs die to dry soldering. Try hot air flowing it?
  16. Depends on the design. On an RS gun the gas tube stops it rotating. Or there is a feature built into the receiver. Sometimes it just has to be FT or there might be set screws.
  17. That's how they catfish you into agreeing to a probing.
  18. The key is to have the iron hot. Put a very light coating of solder on the iron (tinning). Tin the deans connector. I like to do the sideways one first since it is harder to access. To hold it in place I use a heavy pair of pliers with an elastic band around the handles. Tin the end of the wires. Place the wire on the tinned deans tab and press down on the wire, not the tab with the iron. As the solder on the wire melts it will melt the solder tinned onto the deans. Melted solder seems to conduct heat better that solid solder. Make sure you are still holding the wire in t
  19. If a product or service is invented before you are 18 it is the most natural thing in the world and may as well have existed forever. Between 18 and 35 and it is the cool new tech and you absolutely have to have it. 35 to 65 use it if you have to, look stupid doing so. I liked my nephew's clip on TikTok but everybody responded with Egg-plant emojis, what does that mean? 65+? What was wrong with the good old days? This is needlessly complicated, why can't I just watch it on TV? What do you mean I can't call them that? There are only 2 genders, no son of mine....
  20. I'm running a plex server, an ftp server and a p2p thingo out of my spare bedroom wardrobe. In is a NAS server to the computers in the house too. Despite that I can download GTA 5 in less than half an hour.
  21. I've got 350. I get actual 385 most of the time. It isn't just download, I can upload 20 which is pretty good, when you are hammering the internet I find my uploads to be the problem. Streaming 1440p or 1080p at 60fps at double speed can tap out the WiFi in my laptop but my hard wired things always work well. The other day I got a call from Virgin who were trying to up-sell me. "You can have more channels, more free calls and another box and whatever". "Nope, just want the internet. Don't watch TV, don't call people." "That can't be right, let me loo
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