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  1. Anyone know if these are skirmishable in the uk with the standard setup? (ie no crazy rubber balls )
  2. I was under the impression that the stock valve could be shimmed to reduce fps. Is this not the case?
  3. I've just ordered 5 amg high output valves from ehobby. Slightly cheaper at 15 bucks and I've seen the performance created by them which is astonishing frankly. Ups the fps though so will need to shim the flute valve.
  4. Silly question for everyone. A mate of mine wants to buy one but he one he has found is an "Asia edition". What does that mean? Full trades?
  5. Read the post 5th above yours.
  6. Thanks for the info. Shame vfc can't invest in decent hop rubbers. Not a huge issue though just seems a bit silly to put a *suitcase* hop rubber in a such a rif. Saying that new vfc gbbrs do, in my opinion, come out of the box dripping in lube so that may be the main issue.
  7. Nice one cheers. What don't you like about the hop unit? Any idea what it chronos at? What gas were you using? What's it like in FA? /end of Spanish Inquisition
  8. Sorry to be pedantic but 150ft is just over 45m. I know you said approx but that's not even close.
  9. That was the early gen models only anyway. The new gen models are pretty good.
  11. The switch on the top of the mag is to disable the bolt catch right?
  12. Kwa is 160 but falls a bit short so there is a bit of extra room in there. Plus the vfc is a flash hider length longer than the kwa.
  13. Can't wait! Can you do me a favour and measure the length of the inner please? I'm tempted to use a 200mm orga wide bore but I'm not sure if that's too long.
  14. http://www.toysoldier.com.hk/product_details.php?pid=941&color=MARUI-EBB Gg&g great quality replica that's just been released. I have one and it's perfect.
  15. Vfc is nicer externally but the tm outperforms it in every way IMO.
  16. Weird that mine did. I'm pretty sure it'll rub off anyway. Yeah hope so mate. A lot of money for a can and flash hider though when I've only got one mag.
  17. Cheers. The 6mm marking is on the underside of the receiver at the rear. The review was copied and pasted from a private forum. I'm sorry I forgot to change it on here to say it was you that helped me hugely. Sorry man. PS my kwa flashider fits the vfc perfectly. It's just a little thinner.
  18. Here's my "review" Dear friends What follows is a review by someone who has never written a review and arguably poor at doing so do keep that in mind when reading please. Initially the VFC MP7 had terrible reviews. Atrocious cool down and misfeeds etc. Of course it looked pretty and was 1:1 scale but I'm not one for wallhangers so I forgot all about it. Recently I started trying to find any more info on them and started talking to a bloke in the uk via pm that had one and said his was awesome and perfectly skirmishable. Further research followed without any results culmina
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