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    You're kidding right? The bulk of my collection consists of about 150 or so classic gas rifles and pistols made by companies such as JAC, Asahi, Sheriff, MGC, Toy-Tec, Kokusai, Tanio-Koba, etc. Highlights are just about every incarnation of JAC M16 ever made; One of only 25 Sheriff Highlander Magnum Sniper/SAW rifles built; numerous Asahi M60 machine gun; just about every MGC Glock (including small run limited edition guns); and many custom built/ kit-bashed/one-off/ frankenguns.
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  1. Had a walk around Mong Kok in Hong Kong today, some shops already have a demo BE Type 89 on display and available for preorder... Seems like the street prices are going to be right around HK $700 (about $90 US). I agree with Far East, that paint strips damned easily but overall the fit and finish of the exterior seems decent enough.
  2. You don't get the nice steel barrel or RAS with you bog standard CA36. Given that I purchased all of the parts in Hong Kong and paid HK street prices, I do think I came out slightly ahead this way, financially speaking. If you factor time into the equation, then yes I should have started with a CA36. That said, I've got a bunch of spare parts to get rid of now, nearly a complete gun in fact. It would be nice if I could get my net cost for this project down to $0.
  3. My G36K... Began life as a Jing Gong G36C, but somewhat far removed from its origins. Army Code body Army Code steel cocking lever and ejection port cover Classic Army pistol grip (fiber reinforced and a near perfect color match with the Army Code body) Classic Army G36K length stock Classic Army G36 scoped carry handle Classic Army G36K RAS Classic Army G36K steel outer barrel assembly (gorgeous) Classic Army vertical grip Element Noveske steel flash hider Classic Army G36 inner metal frame Classic Army G36 metal stock block Classic Army 7mm gearbox
  4. Classic Army SLR-105 base G&P Tactical conversion kit installed (metal body and whatnot) King Arms Vltor clubfoot battery stock (six position adjustable, houses 9.6V battery) Classic Army Noveske Krinkov style flash hider and OK products 14mm- muzzle adaptor Star GP-30 grenade launcher Madbull tight bore Systema hop-up bucking PDI 150% spring Silent Piston head Suprisingly decent Classic Army gearbox An absolute beast to lug around, clocks in at around 11 pounds fully loaded. Shoots amazingly well, if a bit front heavy.
  5. I'm in Hong Kong right now and I'm going to pick up either the CYMA or the DBoys/Kalash. I like the idea of a steel body, but if the CYMA has a solid enough alloy body and has much better fit and finish, it is a strong contender for my cash. I've handled two DBoys M16 variants so far and they were pretty awful, so I don't really hold that company in high esteem. Has anyone cracked open the gearbox yet to verify if the CM035 has metal bushings as rumored or if they all have plastic bushings? Snorkelman, have you had a chance to compare the CYMA to the Kalash? Just wondering what your
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