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  1. masakarijoe

    M14 Picture Thread

    can you please tell me how? i had one and i have no idea how that would be done! more pictures of it! -Joe
  2. masakarijoe

    M14 Picture Thread

    machalley: more details on those M14 SOPMODs. please. thanks -Joe
  3. Semper Fidelis Hardcore Marine.

  4. masakarijoe

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    what sort of weapon would it be based on? gas? spring? i know nothing about airsoft shotties except the maruzen 870 series. -Joe
  5. masakarijoe

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    im buying that (real steel) with my tax return. its a Mossberg 500 SPX. is there an airsoft counterpart to that? -Joe
  6. masakarijoe

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    well maybe its not his primary... when i finally make my masterkey, i only plan on having one or 2 short mags. if i need more rounds, ill speed load them in. it is a backup, after all. i only plan on using it when im out of ammo in my main rifle (and only until i reload) or when its too cold for my battery to work -Joe
  7. masakarijoe

    Pics of your Gear

    pure awesome. -Joe
  8. masakarijoe

    M14 Picture Thread

    no, im using a VCAS sling, to which i added fastex buckles on each end so it can easily and quickly be attached to any of my various rifles. thanks for the comments guys, i love her too -Joe
  9. masakarijoe

    M14 Picture Thread

    no, its a handgun scope used in the scout scope role. Leupold and Burris make great scopes for this application. the one i have there is a burris 2-7X32. the Leupold IER 2.5X and 4X models are much cheaper though. -Joe
  10. masakarijoe

    M14 Picture Thread

  11. masakarijoe

    M14 Picture Thread

    what a beautiful rifle. i had one of the originals too, but it broke a long time ago. someday id like to get another. -Joe
  12. masakarijoe

    M14 Picture Thread

    althis: thats the cheekrest i wanted a while back. you got it from evike? i dont trust them enough to order one, but i cant find anywhere else with them... -Joe
  13. masakarijoe

    Pics of your Gear

    that rifle makes my heart sore. because i love it. -Joe
  14. masakarijoe

    Pictures of your Plate Carriers

    badass looking kit! the only change id suggest would be the helmet, but you already mantioned you painted it. i always wondered about getting one of those "chassis" in coyote brown... -Joe
  15. masakarijoe

    M14 Picture Thread

    i have a real EoTech 511 mounted on my real SOCOM16, and it is great; you would need a cheekrest. i find its size very manageable. however, i have decided to go with a magnified scout scope instead, as i already have a 1X optic for my AR-15. i would post the pic, but i cannot bring up photobucket at this time. -Joe

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