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    I really love USP's!!! And HK-416's :D
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    Only getting into it now. its illegal here :(
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    kSC USP Compact. I love her :)
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    I need a mag!
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    Airsoft.<br />Games Programming.<br />24.<br />Counter terrorism in general.
  1. Thanks man! That exact setup will be my next gun I love it I best start saving... Thanks again, it's a beauty Hauk
  2. That is gorgeous! Just a quick question. Can I get a parts list. Pretty please? Hauk
  3. Hauk

    USP Picture Thread

    Decided to take these for this thread Enjoy Hauk
  4. Hauk

    VFC HK416

    Ah, cool! Thanks for the info. Hauk
  5. Hauk

    VFC HK416

    Okay, It's been going through my head if I should get UNCompany to do the upgrades for me, or do them myself. The Pros/Cons are: Pros: They'll do a really good job. They'll rewire the switch to the stock. They probably won't ship it until it's working. Cons: I could mess it up if I do it myself. If I get them to do it, they will probably not ship the original stock + parts that were in the gun(I'm buying the HurricanE battery stock). I know them not shipping the stock is something trivial, but the thing is, I own the stock! I'm going to bed.. it's 3:1
  6. Hauk

    VFC HK416

    oicurpn, how are things going with your HK-416? Hauk
  7. Very nice. What camera are you using if you don't mind me asking? Hauk
  8. I'm really really starting to love the Nikon D50 Hauk
  9. Last one for a while, I swear Hauk
  10. Thanks for the tip. My dads after running off with it. So as soon as it's back in the house, I'll try AGAIN! I suppose practise makes perfect. Hauk
  11. Hauk

    VFC HK416

    Now thats an interesting read. Didn't he add all the upgrade parts first, or did he keep everything stock first? And then add the new cut off lever? Or did he add the Systema Switch assembly first? Cheers, Hauk
  12. I know your probably getting sick of me posting these. But I got a hold of my dads Nikon D50 camera. So these are a BIT better Hauk
  13. Hauk

    VFC HK416

    I don't mean to be a ##### but it's all in the last 25 pages. The Systema trigger assembly is what you need. Hauk
  14. Because it was overcast and raining yesterday! Hauk
  15. Hauk

    VFC HK416

    That better not have been the last one..or I'll....I'll..... Hauk
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