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    I really love USP's!!! And HK-416's :D
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    Only getting into it now. its illegal here :(
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    kSC USP Compact. I love her :)
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    I need a mag!
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    Airsoft.<br />Games Programming.<br />24.<br />Counter terrorism in general.
  1. Hauk

    My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

    Here's my rant. I work in the fruit and veg in a local supermarket. AND I AM SICK AND TIRED of people coming up to me and going, "Your not expecting me to pay xyz for that!" in a sarcastic manner! So I reply, "Well, you can choose another one, you don't have to pay for that one, the other ones look a bit better". Then they say to me, "Ah I'm only looking for a little bit, I'll only end up throwing it out." I just want to PUNCH them! And another one. We had no spring onions one day, but I usually have the entire place stocked up to the brim, with absolutey everything piled up. Then some £$%^£ comes up to me and goes "You've no spring onions?" So I looked over at the BIG EMPTY SPACE with no spring onions, and I have to say, "Sorry we've none today." :banghead: And another one! When some $%£$% comes up to you, holds up a piece of veg or fruit, points at the label and goes "It's cheaper in Tescos." THEN GO TO *fruitcage* TESCOS!!!! I'M NOT FORCING YOU TO BUY THE *fruitcage* THING! And another one! When I have fresh stock on a trolley that has to be packed out, which i have to rotate with the old stuff on the shelf, and WHILE I'M PACKING IT OUT, some ^$%^£ comes up and just starts helping themself to the new stuff!! Okay last one! When I have things looking nice and neat and tidy for when one of the main managers is coming in to check it out, and some £%$^ starts TEARING the place apart searching for the "fresher" fruit and veg!! So by the time my manager arrives the place is in a mess and he's real ###### off. God I hate the general public that come into that place /rant over Hauk
  2. Hauk

    What's your backup?

    My primary at the moment is a TM MP7, which will soon be an HK416. So the MP7 will become the backup, and my KSC USPc with SD slide will be my next backup. Followed by my KSC USP .45 with SD slide as the super super super backup. Hauk
  3. Hauk

    Silenced Guns Picture Thread

    An old picture. But it can go here Hauk
  4. Hauk

    Silenced Guns Picture Thread

    UHC?? Hauk
  5. Hauk

    Silenced Guns Picture Thread

    UTG MP5 101matt1 Thats if my memory serves me correctly now Hauk
  6. Hauk

    Silenced Guns Picture Thread

    It's lovely Sledge. Those SD slides are the hardest thing ever to get onto a USPc. Mine is just in pieces, and whenever i try to put it together, it just doesn't work. I just might send it somewhere and let the professionals fix it. And of course there will be pics when it's finished Hauk
  7. Hauk

    Videos Thread !

    Hey guys. I was wondering if I could request a TM MP7 being fired on full/semi auto. I just want to build some anticipation for when it arrives! Cheers Hauk

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