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  1. The chest-Rig is automatically worn low, if you're using a bib. There's no other chance, due to the construction, even if the straps are at a minimum. I prefer it this way, because it's more comfortable if you're going prone.
  2. Thanks and you're right. S313-Boonie Köhler KSK-Shirt (modified /w band collar & underarm cordura) Bundeswehr Tropenshirt Camelback flecktarn Lindnerhof one-piece Chest-Rig /w Bib & X-harness - 1x Supplypouch horizontal, 1x Doublemag Pistol, 1x Multipouch small - 1x Multipouch /w Zipper Gen.2, 1x IFAK pouch, 4x G36 Doublemag, 1x Multipouch LT on 1x Supplypouch vertical, 1x Linderhof dump pouch Köhler KSK-Trousers Meindl Safari Boots
  3. This thread needs more input.
  4. Meanwhile in a belgian forest.
  5. Lurking at german airsoft/realsteel/geardo boards. There's no further 'official' seller except ATXS themselves.
  6. Mostly the MAV is in Flecktarn and the pouches are in TAN. That doesn't mean there aren't any MAV's in TAN around...
  7. Mount for the LUCIE NVG (Thales Angenieux).
  8. S313 Feldbluse (mod.) Tropenshirt Mehler SK Lindnerhof-Rig /w Bib Koehler KSK-Hose Peltor Comtac /w Flexiboom Mic Meindl Desert Fox DEU-Cap
  9. Maybe you are using them wrong? A whole army has almost no problems with them.
  10. @Shriven: I recommend trouserbands.
  11. Greetings from Germany.
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