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    I sculpt miniatures, I collect and make models in lots of scales, mostly 28mm. I like movies, motor bikes, kickboxing and pc gaming.
  1. In short, yes. I recently installed 2 Spectres into 2 VFC Scars which required a similar thing, 3 cables into 2 at the back of the gearbox, connecting to a regular 2 wire arrangement, then connector.
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    Polycarb covers

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    D16 Open Skirmish at Melton Mowbray

    I hope I am not being stupid, but I can't find any mention of where your site is or how to get there other than the mention of the Midlands in your post. Do you have a postcode I can look up?
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    ESS Turbofans

    ESS Turbofans
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    Stuff for sale

    Stuff for sale

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