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  1. In short, yes. I recently installed 2 Spectres into 2 VFC Scars which required a similar thing, 3 cables into 2 at the back of the gearbox, connecting to a regular 2 wire arrangement, then connector.
  2. Thanks, next time I play I'll get some 'in use' pics. Got some other stuff I've been working on that I'll take pics of when it's ready.
  3. Had a chance to put some Army SF related stuff together: Comments welcome.
  4. I agree with Dave's review. I got my M320 yesterday, just to add, my ICS shells didn't fit and my only criticism would be the weak spring that opens the launcher, also mentioned by Dave in his review. The barrel is aluminium, inside the barrel is a plastic sleeve that is 'rifled', the inner diameter is too small to fit the ICS grenades. I could not remove the sleeve, I guess it's glued in place, but I was able to use a dremel to remove about an inch of material allowing my grenades to fit perfectly, so it is an easy fix. The weak spring actually broke when I put the launcher back toge
  5. Thanks for the compliments, maybe I'll do some more reviews this year, it's been a while since I have had the motivation lol.
  6. I hope I am not being stupid, but I can't find any mention of where your site is or how to get there other than the mention of the Midlands in your post. Do you have a postcode I can look up?
  7. This review covers everything in the written review I did a year ago and includes some updates. I would appreciate any feedback, I realise the audio isn't perfect but it is the best I can do:
  8. Yes they are, they also had guns and other stuff too, very handy.
  9. I used to work for a UK airsoft retailer that dealt with G&G, and saw more than a few of their early guns come back with faults. I can honestly say from hands on experience with their products for the last 7 years, they have improved greatly. I would not say they are perfect but they are a hell of a lot better than they were. Out of the G&G guns we have had in the last year, all of which have been used at least once per month, the only faults we have had are the F2000 losing single shot (fixed by re bending the trigger switch connectors, common to all aegs) and the plastic M4 lost one
  10. Ahh, of course. This is the first time I have reviewed something that isn't an AEG, I was obviously on autopilot lol. Perhaps if a mod could move it please?
  11. Hi, I'm sorry that is how you feel. A lot of effort goes into our reviews. In our very first review for the L85 series, the mic was terrible. After that review we bought a better mic, have you seen any of the reviews other than our first? Although the mic isn't perfect, I believe it is perfectly audible. Sorry, you lost me with this comment??
  12. Taken from my team's website link In May, the team decided to check out Experience Airsoft in Swindon. We found out about this site after visiting Swindon Airsoft Supplies (which I highly recommend), who also provide an extensively stocked on site shop. This is great, because it allows you to purchase gas and bbs as well as anything you may have forgotten, they even had AEGs on sale at the site. Experience Airsoft was easy to find using the map on their website. There was plenty of space to park the cars, although be warned it is a fairly long walk to the safe zone when carrying a lot
  13. Taken from my team's website link On the 17th of July the Black Scorpions visited 'The Outpost' formerly known as (and still aka) 'Drakelow Tunnels' in Kidderminster. This is the third site run by First & Only the team have been to. The site was easy to find thanks to some posters, and the unmistakeable signs of a skirmish, a small carpark full of guys in various camouflage carrying riflebags. The entrance to the site is rather grand, a doorway set in a huge, unatural gouge into the steep slopes of the forest. Being July it was humid, however as soon as you step through the d
  14. New video review for G&G's gas powered sniper rifle, G96. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q0Wm95TFI-s&feature=player_embedded Hope you guys like it
  15. Another video review for you guys, this time it's 2 new metal M4's: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8QmTAXzZHyY&feature=player_embedded
  16. I'd have to agree with this, I've been using the F2000 heavily for a year now with a 11.1V lipo and a mosfet. There's actually enough room inside the body to get the mosfet sat next to the gearbox so it doesn't even take up any battery space. I've just filmed a video review for the F2000, most of it was covered with the written review I did last year, but there are some new bits on there now I have had it for a while. I'll put a new thread up for the video review once my friend has finished editing it.
  17. Our latest review, any question or comments welcome. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=82H6VhVDCEM&feature=player_embedded#at=46
  18. Hi guys, here is a quick update on the F2000 direct from G&G that may also help some of you that have had problems: 'Regarding to the F2000 selector issue, we are making the new version of trigger relay set now, but since the new design requires the new tooling and molding, so it will take some time. However, we did hand crafted couple new trigger relays for next batch to Cybergun. For those who is having trigger relay issues, please email our customer support department support@guay2.com for record, and we will inform them for any updates.'
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