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  1. Fellowz

    VFC S&W M&P [Photo Comparison]

  2. Fellowz

    1911 Picture Thread

    some pictures would be great, i just need to get an idea of other alternatives if i am required to make changes to the BBU and Nozzle due to the placement of the RMR mount
  3. Fellowz

    1911 Picture Thread

    for the life of me i can't seem to find any railed frames for sale i need one for this project but everywhere i have looked so far all the NOVA kits are sold out. unless having a rail machined similar to the one on the Desert Warrior is an option but i will have to have a chat with my machinist to see if it is possible at all.
  4. Fellowz

    1911 Picture Thread

    they are very nice indeed, a little narrower than the old grips but ill get some spacers for them eventually, but very nice to hold and shoot the texture isnt as grippy as some but thats not much of a concern to me
  5. Fellowz

    1911 Picture Thread

    the Project has started, Magpul Grips arrived and fit well and feel great! RMR mount and RMR are on their way with any luck and the threaded outer barrel is being drawn up as. i think i will keep it TAN and do the black detailing. once the machining trials have been done to the slide i can move on to the Metal slides, might get the lightweight blowback unit too.
  6. Fellowz

    1911 Picture Thread

    anyone ever done a D shaped nozzel or have any pictures of one? so i can have a good idea of what is required
  7. Fellowz

    1911 Picture Thread

    is this Volante's power up BBU as good or if not better than the AIP one or the NOVA? ive used a few in the past and so far the only one i rate is the Airsoft Surgeon version. i will most likely run this gun on green gas or propane and of course using the 40rd long mags with 30 rounds in them should give me enough bang for my buck.
  8. Fellowz

    1911 Picture Thread

    that shouldn’t be much of a problem, I have a good machine shop at work with people who are willing to make some parts for me if i cross their palm with silver, the other option would be to use the rear sight dovetail to make a mount for them to fit but the mount i have pictured is made of steel and may be a little heavy but even if i do purchase it i can always have it redone in work with some aluminium. the RMR replica is ordered so when it arrives i can have a closer look and practice a few solutions on the TM plastic frames as they are cheap and easy to source before i move on and purchase a metal slide of any description. as long as this work you have in mind is relatively small i am more than happy to do it size limitations on some of the equipment stops me from making anything over 8" square in the 3D printers. I have emailed the company regarding the mount if they don't ship i need a willing volunteer to ship it over to me
  9. Fellowz

    1911 Picture Thread

    that would require alot of work but i will "practice" on the plastic slides to see what and what can't be done but my guess would be that i would either have to make a platform that would just grub screw into the slide on the sides or another option which i have seen is buy or manufacture a mount that will slide into the dovetail slot eliminating the chances of a rear iorn sight. it is an option but until i can start fiddling around with things i will not know for certain, i have access to a 3D scanner and 3D printer at work and with some CAD manipulation and some careful measruing i may be able to come up with something so stay tuned for this. found what i hope to achieve with an luck i can get hold of a RMR mount but the issue i have is that the one i need i can't ship over here from the USA which is a big bummer
  10. Fellowz

    1911 Picture Thread

    Basically i have a TM DW which i sold to a friend which he now wants to sell back to me and move on to a 226 as he wasnt happy with the gas grip size on the DW. so that is my donor gun it will be a complete reubuild using a smiliar style slide and frame to the TM but being full metal with different markings (hoping to get my hands on a springfield one) and i will machine the top to accept an RMR replica and find some taller iron sights to peer over the RMR, the whole thing will be black with FDE/TAN grips perhaps some silver pieces like tirggers and slide release and the hammer saftey etc... so the basic idea is to try and replicate the look of the FNX 45 Tactical but with a desert warrior. incase some people are unfamiliar with the FNX this is what i am talking about so as we can see here the FNX has the RMR, raised iron sights and a threaded barrel and a front rail for mounting a torch, i will be running the 40rd long mags with this as i am doing alot of CQB this year and am looking for a nice reliable but customisable pistol. i can machine most parts such as the threaded barrel as i am unsure if ther is a 4.3" threaded barrel on the market. and of course the internals will get a complete overhaul with new blowback unit, cylinder head, valves and springs. so what do you guys think, is it doable?
  11. Fellowz

    1911 Picture Thread

    has anyone done a Desert Warrior 4.3 build? ive been toying with the idea for a while and i have a donor gun i just need to buy alot of upgrade parts for it now to get it looking the way i need it to
  12. Fellowz

    AR15 Variants and Derivitives Picture Thread

    dug up some old pictures of my SR and AR before the were sold off. SR-47 AR-15
  13. Fellowz

    Pics of your Gear

    shame to see it all go
  14. Fellowz

    Pics of your Gear

    i like the idea of that bandoiler.
  15. Fellowz

    Glock Picture Thread

    The outer barrel or shroud is only there to conceal the Vsr Gspec inner barrel I got coming soon , all I done was machine a piece of mild steel to the same outer diameter as the original aluminium one and made it 6 inches long the. Made M4 taps for it as the original shroud stays in place via a pair of screws either side of the kit hidden under the rails, it's simple to install, good because I will be using this as a primary weapon quite often so I need that little extra range and accuracy.

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