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    TM/Guarder RPK
    TM/Guarder AKS74U w/ Bulgarian flash hider
    TM/Guarder AK103
    Customised Top M249/Mk48 wannabe
    Customised Marushin M500
    Customised Maruzen CA870
    TM/Guarder Sig 226R w/ Surefire X200A
    An SR47, SR15, a couple SPRs, M4s, G3s, Glocks, an M203 and a I don't remember what all else...

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  1. thatguy

    What's your backup?

    Marushin M500 8mm in a BCS Scabbard. Loose BBs & spare Green gas. KSC Glock 17 in 6004 w/ M3X or Serpa without light. 4 spare magazines. Edited to add details.

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