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  1. They're things of beauty GRIM! How long did you leave them buried?
  2. Not sure about the MRF kits or all the various flip-sights out there, but I do know that the older King Arms M.R.E. rail system does not have enough room to fit a RS PRI flip site in its folded position. Hopefully the issue has been corrected in newer models? Will post pictures later.
  3. Michaelmike, if you change your mind I'll buy that grip.
  4. @GRIM! How well do you like the stock on the AKMS? How sturdy does it seem? Much wobble in it, either sideways or up & down?
  5. Yeah, I'm just past my sixth foot on the Gallows sense of humor scale. Alright, nuff blahblahblah......... GRIM, ya got another pic for us?
  6. Naw, I learned Latin in Catholic school along with the pederasty.
  7. Nothing wrong with the Donkey Shlong. Why you have to get all edjamacted pigLatin on us poor fools anyways?
  8. HOLY *fruitcage*! MOE, I'm jealous. Veeery nice gun! How do you like the Escort internals so far?
  9. Everybody I knew just ended up scavenging parts from other TM and/or CA guns. Glad to see it was resolved either way.
  10. My bad then. Sorry. I explained to Hoppum that it's been a a couple years since I worked on the VFC AKS-74Us. If they have been improved since their inception then I do apologize. Good for VFC. The rest is minor.
  11. Oh....the bolt that falls out during the first major skirmish you're in because there's nothing truly keeping it in the receiver? (I've seen it happen a couple of times) The upper receiver take-down you are absolutely right about, but honestly that was the ONLY innovation worth mentioning which VFC improved upon when they stole Inokatsu's original design. Everything else is semantics and minutiae. Really there's no point in arguing about this -- buy whatever you want. Opinions are cheap; guns and skills aren't. Just try to have fun, ok?
  12. You mean like the glossy finish and the off-spec wood cuts?
  13. Technically neither are -- in order to accommodate a V3 mechbox & motor the airsoft receivers are longer than the RS by a little over 1cm and the pistol grip is fatter/longer by degrees. Maybe wait for Real Sword to make an AKS-74U? Supposedly they want to have the correct dimensions for all their AKs.
  14. Hoppum, PM inbound. (pretty much everything spelled out in PlasticMag's pic)
  15. I beg to differ on the VFC part, but everyone has their own opinions right? And as far as Inokatsu's website is concerned, maybe try to force-refresh your browser -- the product list is a pale shadow of what it was just a month ago, ESPECIALLY where AKs are concerned. Sorry.
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