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  1. Ok. Was the grip drop in fit for you? I cant seem to fit it in my LCT AKM without filing it.
  2. VFC G19X. Fits nicely in a Safariland G17 holster.
  3. My retroish AR`s. Upper one is Delta Carbine, inspired by Blackhawk Down movie. Based on Cyma CM.009D. Lower one is a generish M4A1, based on E&L M4 Platinum.
  4. Looks nice, but I would buy it at a price of lets say 150 €.
  5. Not much, hand guards clicks in place but the rear stock needs some work but not that much. You sent me a PM regarding the VFC MP5, any questions regarding it?
  6. Another project I started is installing RS hand guard and RS stock to a LCT G3.
  7. It went right into place and locks in place. The issue now is to lock it in retracted position. This means making a small square in stock (hacksaw/dremel/file). The price was around 60 € at Zib militaria for the stock.
  8. VFC MP5A5 Aeg -Rs stock -Rs body pins -Rs rear sight
  9. Yeah its nice, I think E&L AR`s are somewhat underrated. Looks kinda like the real thing, nice grey finish on the body + it has QSC. The platinum versions come with steel parts (such as outer barrel, front sight etc).
  10. Yeah, I left this on the balcony over the winter, so I had troubles getting mag off the gun. Plus the fire selector is stuck, so I`ll have fiddle around with it..
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