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  1. It gets the buckshot in the targets general direction alot faster. Plus (in airsoft anyway) Maruzen decided to not put any form of iron sites on the 870 series. At all.
  2. Damn Colorados look good lifted, props Infantry.
  3. What the hell is all that gold paracord doing? Looks like you lost a rubberband fight in the thumbnails..
  4. That Shorty .40 is freakin sweet.
  5. Exactly, I dont really like the way it looks either, but thats what I had to do in order to use it really.
  6. Not so good pictures, Ill get some better ones later.
  7. sp00n


    From the album: sp00n!

  8. sp00n


    From the album: sp00n!

  9. Its a Zenith "TAC" grip. http://www.wgcshop.com/pcart/shopper.php?i...2588af24c168b6f
  10. Yep, old school 2001 (or was it 2002, it was brand new at the time) Hurricane receiver.
  11. The only reason I painted it is because I really didnt like the shiney OD it came with stock, and Ill be replacing it with a wood stock sooner or later anyway. I like it anyway, we'll see how much I like it when I have to touch it up after every game (scratched it up quite a bit just putting it back together..) To whoever asked about the color: Just sprayed it OD, then used the flat black to make the stripes, then touched up the stripes (to make them more stripe-y rather than big spraypaint blobs) with the OD.
  12. New pictures! This one is my current background..(1024x768 version here) And a little preview of whats new with my M14:
  13. M4 version 3.0 Now with added G&P RIS front set. No MSG!
  14. Isnt airsoft illegal on the mainland of China?
  15. Nah, its fine like it is. Its an EOtech archery model.
  16. My M4 went on a diet today, seems to be working..
  17. N type camera batteries, and no, it only mounts to 20mm rails.
  18. Yeah, its quite nice. Although Im not exactly sure which model it is. Was made in 2002, and has a not so standard reticle. Someone suggested it was an old, out of production Archery model. In any case, its nice. Its hard to see, but the reticle is sort of like a bullseye, outer ring, then a cross style inner ring with a point in the center.
  19. I think this has been done (4 maybe 5 times) in the off topic section..
  20. UPS left me a present. Ill get better pictures later.
  21. I couldnt help but laugh at the picture of all of the infidels beating on a burned up helicopter with a fun-noodle .
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