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  1. This is a double negitive and an oxymoron combined. Tank and Hyundai never, ever, go in the same sentace. Unless it involves the tank crushing the Hyundai.
  2. Surely this is a repost. http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/inde...topic=27324&hl= Almost identical topic..
  3. Thats kind of cool, mine is 032429. Ordered mine on the 23rd from WGC. (I'm in Alabama but I fail to see the significance of this) Surely they haven't made 32,000 of these already? I'm guessing they just started at 30,000. How about the number stamped on the silver metal bit on the underside of the frame? Mine is 25-094705
  4. The AUG offically looks badass with an OD receiver and an EOtech. To quote classic SNES; A winner is you. Edit: Thanks JKT, I'll check that out.
  5. Doubt they will be cheap in Germany............
  6. ...a "Hi-Cappa"...that actually looks decent... ...the world has offically ended.
  7. Well, its up to you how to setup your rifle, but if you want comments; Never been a fan of forward grip on the LR300s, and the way you have the flashlight mounted seems...rigged. Also should consider taking a can of flat black spraypaint to your pistol grip. Other than that it looks great if you ask me.
  8. Take it down again, and grease up the piston head and cylinder. Should fix it, alot of people forget to do this and it does cause air to leak around the cyl head. Big loss of FPS too. The PDI 100 spring is only rated for about 300-310FPS anyway..
  9. Is that the KSC HK33? (if so) any thoughts on it? Haven't been able to find any reviews on it and I'm curious about their new design.
  10. Yes all of my pistols/subguns are KSC.
  11. Thanks. Did a small review (more like a first impression as I've only had it a total of 8 hours..) http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/inde...=80#entry581523
  12. You could say that I like KSC.
  13. LOL @ Heckler and Kock on the magazine. I should have mine tomorrow or Thursday
  14. I belive he was reffering to the text on the last picture on the frame right under the ejection port. I blew the picture up in photoshop, and unless its extremely fine or the picture happens to be blurred there, it does indeed say Hocklor.
  15. Buy the wood, and if your not satisfied, buy a real wood stock or paint the stock stock (ha) OD yourself. Its a win-win thing.
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