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    Double Eagle M82 AEG Rifle [Sig552 Seals]
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    Neonfire G36 Commando [Broken to shreds]
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    I want a damn AEG that doesn't break after you drop it. So get me a damn M15.
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  1. That girl is going to leave and there will just be a shirt there. Stop posting that pic, it might be sexy, but we dont want to see it every 5 posts.
  2. You never fail to impress WhiteFeather. Nice M4 and gear.
  3. HEHEHE. Now wheres the TOP M60 with a M60 SEals atached underneath?
  4. I cant wait for a armalite RIS with a grenade launcher on the top, left, right and bottom with a big drum mag and a big night vision scope.
  5. OMFG, aren;t you just the cutest looking mini AEG out there. Yes you are, yes you are.
  6. OMFG. The British Army is invading Britian. BTW, nice gear, I really like the dark DPM. Also is that a Academy or one of those upgraded SA80's?
  7. 2ND BEST FAMAS Ever. The first is that guys FAMAS with a whole bunch of scopes and stuff liek it on it.
  8. I dont care that much. But your stuff is good. I see your a fan of Raven Shield.
  9. Wouldn't this be under off-topic since so far theres nothign airsoft related?
  10. Well I defend my front porch with twin 25mm cannos. Try to attack this. LOL. Nice gear.
  11. What gun does the guy behind the guy in the ghille have. Also does the guy in the ghille have the PSG-1. Because it looks like either Ghille Man or the other guy has it.
  12. Oh god do i have to list them all: H&K MP7 H&K G11 H&K MSG-90 H&K MSG-90 DMR M14 DMR H&K XM29 OICW Prototype H&K M29 OICW [Final Product] H&K XM8 Carbine, Mini Rifle, DMR and Automatic Rifle Nikonov AN-94 TAR Series FAMAS G2 Series God almost all guns where Heckler and Koch. God I am so German. No really I am German....in my blood
  13. Sexy Sexy 6-Shooters. Ooops Boner. LOL HEHEHE
  14. Nice SIG 552 crandall13.
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