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    June 21st, 2004
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    Double Eagle M82 AEG Rifle [Sig552 Seals]
    Tokyo Marui Black Desert Eagle EBB
    Crosman Spring P99 Pistol [Broken]
    Neonfire G36 Commando [Broken to shreds]
    Microsoft Xbox
    Apple iPod Mini 4gb MP3 Player
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    I want a damn AEG that doesn't break after you drop it. So get me a damn M15.
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    United States

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    http://Best Website Ever: www.arniesairsoft.co.uk
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    Snohomish, Washington
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    Airsoft:<br />Everything Airsoft <br />Airsoft Guns<br />Airsoft Collecting<br />Airsoft Gear<br /><br />Video Games:<br />Everything Video games<br />Halo [CE, CE PC, 2, 2 MMP, TP, 3]<br />Doom 3<br /><br />Misc:<br />Girls<br />Football<br />Television<br />Family Guy
  1. A petite girl with a coat thats as big as me with a small coat.
  2. RANTS: Girls that wear big coats. EEEEW LIKES: Girls that wear the shortest skirts possible.
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