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    -Colt Government
    -Asahi FNC 18"
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    -Army R85 Star SUSAT
    -KWC 357 Magnum
    -KWC Taurus 24/7 CO2
    -CA norweigan "AG3" G3A4
    -TM UZI
    -Custom M82A1

    All have metalbodies and woodfurniture where available.
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  1. I have two Star FNCs, both with QD-toprails. I can say that the QD-rail interfere with the cockinghandle. The cockinghandle doesn't go all the way back when the QD-rail is installed. It goes back about halfway, just enough for you to adjust the hopup, not all the way back. If you remove the metalpiece just above the cockinghandle then it'll probably go all the way back. But then it'll look silly for sure...
  2. I'd like to see the "original" scope AS-produced for the F2000. Then I'll buy one :-D
  3. It's a combined cover. It's made out of rubber so you can fire through it without any problems. Protects the barrel from snow, ice and dirt but also prevents the barrel from knocking out your teeth when skiing... Miker>> Nice F2000!
  4. Please do! Your version is so much more accurate I'm waiting for VFC to release their FNC so that I can turn it into a Pindad SSV. Allready have a couple of Asahi FNCs. This way I have a "full house" BTW has anyone ever tried to fit their Star FNC with that rail foregrip? I've been thinking about fitting a rail M203 onto one of my FNCs just for the fun of it. It's easy to attach and remove a railed versioned M203. So pictures of your railed FNC preferably with a M203 attached please!
  5. On top my Star FNC with some swedish AK5-modifications. Otherwise just standard Star FNC. Below I have a Star FNC Shorty. Which I've shortened a bit more. About 2 inches or 6 centimeters whatever you prefer. It's an attempt to reconstruct the AK5DF. An experimental model for a shorter AK5. This model didn't see production. The new model lack the iron sights and is even shorter. I like lengthy weapons and prefer iron sights so I went for this experimental model instead. Experimental model. The one I've been trying to reconstruct. The excepted model. Note the lack of iron si
  6. Swedish version of the FNC, called AK5. Haven't finished painting them yet. The top one is Star-based whereas the bottom one is Asahi-based. Two Asahis. The green one is also in the picture above. The same ol' green Asahi and a CA249 with a Guarder FNC-flashhider and a few RS-bullets.
  7. The cocking handle on my Star FNC won't seem to lock. Anyway you're NEVER EVER able to strike the cocking handle in order for it to go forward. A bit disappointing
  8. My charging handle is still intact. When you cock the gun DON'T release the handle at the far end. Pull it back and the release it slowly. It's a bit fragile. Star should build a replacement for that. Wait for VFCs version. According to the clip on "your tube" the cocking handle locks in the back position and you are able to strike it in that position in order for it to release forward. Seems more durable. G&G is coming with an FNC too. Seems like it's a year or so away though...
  9. I allready have a "clean" FNC. It's a classic made my Asahi. It's untouched Have two more for spare parts. Will try and reproduce an AK5B-cheekrest on one folding stock. Just so that I have that option aswell... And I too love both the regular FNC and the AK5. Maybe just a little more the AK5
  10. Haha, well we can't enjoy the same taste in guns now can we? I'm trying to build an AK5 of it. It's never going to be 100% correct. But I intend to keep going until I get as close as I can get. The handguard isn't completly right, since it's from a shorter model. I'll keep looking for the longer type of the handguard. Here are pics of RS AK5s. AK5 and AK5B (with SUSAT). As you can see I still have a lot of work to do. But I'm in no rush... And... yup the colour of the handguard and pistolgrip on my "AK5" is wrong. Looked quite allright on the can but not IRL. I'll fix that
  11. Borrowing the thread just to show a few pics of my modified Star FNC. Also have an older pic with the long "A"-handguard:
  12. Is it possible to remove the front part of the handguard (the metalpart)? I want to fit a different handguard and that part simply must come off... Want to know this before I consider buying it. Where the hell are VFCs and G&Gs versions??
  13. Took a few pics of my livingroom Should be 19 guns or so there... CA M249, TM P90, TM MP5A2 with CA-body flashlight and Aimpoint, KSC Glock 17, Cyma Glock 18C AEP, Beretta 92 NBB, Colt .45 (without internals), TM G36K with a chinese handguard, CA M16A3 with ACOG, TM M16 w. M203, Asahi FNC -> AK5, BE XM8, TM G3 SG/1 with RS G3 handguard and CA-body/frontset, TM M3 Super90, CA33KEA2 with Aimpoint CompC ML2, Cyma (?) shotgun with RS Mossberg M500 handguard and stock (not completly finished yet), Asahi FNC, TM Ak47 with CA-body and finally a M/86 Pansarskott (a.k.a. AT-
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