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  1. https://imgur.com/a/TZz5kcm
  2. the section that hold the bipod is the whole gastube, the grip hooks into the body and rear plate is sturdy, this aint a zincalloy gun, its aluminum so its sturdy, so to say. just weight is off. all critical parts are solid enough. welds are molded, looks good but fake. i want steel because it´s nicer to have.
  3. already ordered one https://www.proactstore.com/products/dna-m249-steel-receiver
  4. PGC kitted TM P226 ❤️ Tritium sights, guarder bits & Houge grip. I love it, i just need highflow valve to make it to a great performer
  5. i Think this will answer everything I like it, only sad that´s not in Steel. https://www.facebook.com/groups/VFCownersGroup/permalink/3421672451479148/?mibextid=zDhOQc https://www.facebook.com/groups/VFCownersGroup/permalink/3408290506150676/?mibextid=zDhOQc
  6. muffe66


    My G28 GBBR
  7. Finally got that comp M5 sight.
  8. The HK family. All vfc except the MK23, all gbb.
  9. muffe66

    $1K club.

    not really 😅 VFC HK 417 16" with g28 rail and stock. , this was over 1000$ with all parts Zparts built VFC HK 416D. costed a slight bit over 1300$ to build. precision barrel, zparts steel bolt, crusader 2 stage trigger, snappy-boi buffer spring, Real H1 buffer. VFC 416A5 Forged edition. basegun costed 1009$, it has G&P Dbal-A2 an a Real Exps3-2, precision barrel and also a zparts steel bolt. precision barrel, snappy-boi buffer spring GHK Sig 551 cost to build this like it is built is over 1000$, only the ACR Stock adapter was 170$ it begun its life like a 553 rifle.
  10. muffe66

    $1K club.

    From the top left: VFC HK 417 16" with g28 rail and stock. Zparts built VFC HK 416D, the only vfc things left: valveknocker assembly, pistolgrip, stock and magazines. VFC 416A5 Forged edition. GHK Sig 551 Wingun revolver, NE Uzi KSC MK23 gbb, 20-ish years old. VFC Walther PPQ Tokyo Marui Sig Sauer p226 VFC HK VP9 tactical VFC HK USP 9mm Hephaestus/GHK AMD-65 VFC HK G3 VFC G36K with Hensoldt dual optic carryhandle. VFC Scar-H VFC M4A1 WE Beretta 92fs, Custom engraved KWA Kriss Vector.
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