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  1. I know, it's Kinda a Long shot but i want to try anyway. Do anyone know who bought this specific rifle? I want to come in Contact with the buyer 😅 Thanks in advance.
  2. @ NonEx, when i had a KSC Mp7A1 i used guarders 220psi gas, i use it to almost all my pistols and GBBR´s. To this day only one have shown real tear & wear and thats WE´s P228. it has a crack in the slide, still shoots though... My WE g36 performs in 25- Celcius on semi and auto-burst and locks back the BCG on empty mag with Guarders 220Psi gas. consuming gas but still works. Design + great gas will put a happy smile on any operators face.
  3. which gas have you used in your tests? guarders 220psi gas have always performed best for me with minor cooldown. my vfc 416 performs well with it but with weaker gas it gets querks and cooldown
  4. , i dont want the navy version though -.-
  5. i killed a preowned AG36, sold it late to someone that wanted to try to make something out of it and i keept the sight. i wanted it Thanks, i looked for seperate sights but it seems to be hard to find my scope holds fine, had it for looong time now, since mid-december i think. its a STAR scope as told. my only problem is the RDS, but hey, i dont really need it ^^
  6. Sure, it would be easier to atach the rail to teh AG36 but it would look pretty darn stupid. my version is based of a RealSteel product that aint purchasable.
  7. killed an AG36 sight, it´s not 100% but for now it will look like that.
  8. WE G36+ Star handle + G&P outer barrel Ares AG36 Element surefire clone, with custom mount
  9. WE G36+ Star handle + G&P outer barrel Ares AG36 Element surfire clone, with custom mount
  10. WE G36, G&P Frontkit, Star Optichandle KSC USP .45, SD slide kit. 150% springset npas trjicons
  11. illumination works in dim light. not in full daylight. same function on the real SVD scope. and your bulb might be lose.
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