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  1. Police visit whilst mother visiting = bad news! lol

    1. quinch


      Police leaving with tail between legs after being shown UKARA & UKAPU cards = sweet!

  2. says Happy Samhain!

  3. My "heavy load" Desert (DDPM) loadout...lots and lots of mags and pyro carried here! I'm in the background knelt, and me stood in the other picture.
  4. ..and another, more so you get a feel for the terrain at the site more than anything.
  5. Me at The Sandpit, Cerberus Airsoft, Yorkshire, UK
  6. quinch

    The NEW T5 NFDD

    When and how much?? Looks like a more viable and useful alternative to a BFG (safety wise).
  7. quinch

    T5 NFDD

    These look great and with some nice features. When will they be available via Retail outlets in the UK? Any idea on Retial prices as well as these could be a better option than a heavy BFG for safety and use.
  8. Was purchased from retailer advertised as MAKO so I'm sure you must be right on this. Got fed up holding the magwell and effecting the BB feed! lol
  9. Sorry, nearly right but we're both wrong...forgot its a EA MAKO one.
  10. My minor effort so far. Quite clean and nice, easy to use. MOE Handguard MOE Magwell grip VOLTR stock Internally, mainly systema and element parts, fully Li-Po running. I got wrong colour sniper tape though! Managed to get a too light tan colour, shows as white in photos! Right colour coming. In the final stages of scratch building an M16 which will have a custom spray job so...watch this space!
  11. quinch

    Quinch's stuff

    General archive of Airsoft photos, me and friends.
  12. quinch

    MOE'd M4

    Just completed the rebuild internally and externally of this M4 of mine. Its now fully Li-Po ready and has a mix of MOE externals.
  13. Like those newer versions. I'm not one to wear a mask...hate them normally in fact but those I'd get! Are they available yet? From Cactus again?
  14. for me the link in the Arnies menu for News (archive etc) goes to: http://www.nlairsoft.com/ very odd.
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