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  1. You cannot escape your doom.. also pancake.

  2. Well, if it's an April Fool's joke, we know it's someone on the other side of GMT.
  3. This could just be me, but when I type in "arniesairsoft.co.uk" or "www.arniesairsoft.co.uk", I get redirected to Airsoft Retreat. This happens both in Firefox and Internet Explorer.
  4. sekiryu


    Seems a bit strange that the PLCE pouches are more expensive than the MOLLE ones. I wonder if a cheap OD MOLLE platform with AUSCAM pouches would do the trick.
  5. sekiryu


    Hmm, I'll keep my eye on stuff. Maybe when I get back from overseas travel I'll have enough to spare to get a nice vest.
  6. sekiryu


    Platatac's pouches are all MOLLE/PALS though. I'm looking for the PLCE stuff.
  7. sekiryu


    I was looking more for the PLCE pouches. Here But that's only one pouch.....I'd like a webstore where I can get like 4 of those pouches instead of hoping to find more on ebay over a few weeks time. For the 6-point harnesses, how do they attached to the belt? Do you need a specific belt?
  8. sekiryu


    I've seen the suspenders on ebay, but I'd like to have a reliable place to buy more than just one mag pouch.
  9. sekiryu


    I need less FSBE fail in my loudout. Can anyone suggest replica gear, (webbing, OD plate carriers, whatever) that would work, and not break the bank? Preferably no more than $60-70USD? The cheapest OD CIRAS I found was $90, plus $30 shipping from HK.
  10. Anyone else having sluggish recoil with the suppressor attached on 134a? Also, how do you guys run the thing on green gas? I'd like to get a metal slide, but my P99 HATES green gas, and its consumption on 134a is roughly the same as a single-stack TM 1911A1
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