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  1. wooooow you lucky sob! looks like its in great condition. i love muscle cars!!!!! sweeet
  2. christ, this is an unhealthy hobby for some people, isn't it?
  3. 1968 Mercury Cougar. 5.0L 302ci 2bbl V8. Classic American muscle and style.
  4. this is me hauling *albatross* in my 80-something Toyota Camry
  5. wow, tef, that IS unholy. and Prancing, make that scope silver and then it'll be complete.
  6. Maybe I could have phrased it better.... what I meant was, it's amusing to me to look at all the tiny little European cars, and if someone who owned one would say "Well, what do you think of my car?" I'd be tempted to say "Well....it's very practical" It's a joke
  7. I'm tempted to say to some of these... "WOW! That's really....practical!"
  8. I have to admit you did blend the two guns together nicely
  9. nice pistol Silentscope, although it's a little crazy for my taste. megalo - a foregrip on a pistol? well, alright then..
  10. that's ridiculous... well done
  11. Can you say...."OVERKILL" ?
  12. Haha I like that 3-barrel-stacked glock Meanwhile, my latest blasphemy is the AK773. This one caused me pain to do Another person in this thread did a similar thing so it's not all my idea
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