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  1. I cant wait to see you with that at milsim this weekend, you going?
  2. haha hells yes. I had it on my sr 15, which i have parted out and sold. The complete body weighs almost 4 pounds, its rediculous. Best body ever made tho, i have a g&p m733 body ( top gun) and a g&p m4 body (bottom) and they feel like nothing compared to the dtp. If you can find a dtp body, or can afford the $240 pricetag, get it now.
  3. Ive got a fever, and the prescription, is more m4 stuff! Lets see: emptied my closets, and ive got wayy to many m4 parts/ guns. mmm i love my eotech, just need one of those carry handle mounts so i can put it on my main gun, my custom m733 all guns have metal bodies cept the 2nd m4
  4. can anyone post a picture of an m16 with a crane stock? if not, anyone care to photoshop a pic of it for me? Im trying to work on a next project, but i cnt find any pics for ideas, and i dont have photoshop I will rep u if u do
  5. haha yes, yeah im a fan of david bowie if you hadnt guessed. im awaiting the mail carrier, to give my latest mag purchases. god i have no patience
  6. haha sweet, come on lets get some more. by the way, spoon, how do you like those midcaps? im a standard only guy, and ive heard the g and p midcaps have feeding issues. How have yours been?
  7. No guns preferbly, just post all your magazines or clips for your guns. I will post mine later. So show off the massive amounts of money you guys spend on magazines for your rifles! (any mags, pistols, rifle, sniper doesnt mater)
  8. no longer have the guns, but i still have my les paul and my bass
  9. haha greg u forgot to mention its for sale, and that i want it
  10. i think tripod needs to rep me cause i posted the pics with the bakelite mags
  11. greedy are we? yur wish is my command ak74 mags are here! ps, my sr 15 is for sale check it out in the us only for sale section
  12. I would like to add to the sexyness of these last couple of pages without whoring anymore pictures of my sr 15, so i made another gun: Ak 47 with guarder steel ak74 kit and a star gp-30 launcher. Dont ask me how much it cost, too much.
  13. nope its a midlength spr kit. I believe its g and g? not too sure. The one on my sr 15 is a gb-tech tho. The jungle force one has an m4 flashider.
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