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  1. Random militaria outlets, I snapped up two. The one I've pictured is £130 and the more used one was £90. The surefire is real but a very old one, I'm not great with that kind of thing, I couldn't give any other useful info. AP.
  2. Another! I was going for this look: MP5 A3 SF Real lower on this cost a bomb! Luke
  3. Take the sear/arm out of the trigger pack that does you semi auto & shim it back to the correct position OR wrap a piece of aluminium around it - coke can or something. Problem solved. They do light strike when full/warm depending on age... AP.
  4. Ok, Finally success. I needed to take the exposed end of the rubber, take a piece of pipe/metal ring, force it over the rubber & crush it tight. Then I added PVC sealant inside the chamber end of the rubber. This seems to be holding the ammo in place after a couple of hundred rounds. AP.
  5. You probably need to change the hop rubber. AP.
  6. I split another hop rubber again this evening, I'm not going to continue along the route of vsr mods, it's - my range & accuracy was better with the standard set up. Total waste of time & money. AP.
  7. Oh, ehobby Asia had the 130% hammer springs. AP.
  8. I've used the original units & arms, the after market for regular AEG - only one works and that's in the MP5K. I've modified the arms to take different nubs, I've tried everything. I get ammo straight down the barrel in about 5 different hop units unless its so far on it only flies .43's straight. So far it's toss. The ones that did works stopped doing so very quickly. AP
  9. Thank you for that. Are the mags completely full of gas &/or a bit warm? Have you locked the charging handle back before you insert the mag? Use a 130% hammer spring & the blowback problems tend to go away, if they don't then check the area where you hop adjust grub screw is - you may have broken ammo in there. AP.
  10. So what's stopping your ammo just dropping down the barrel? What rubber are you using? AP.
  11. That's what I was talking about. I can't imagine I've got it wrong a dozen times, I'm not trying to blow my own horn, but with my personal skills on gbb guns I can't see how its that great if I can't make it work. AP.
  12. Here we go. 23 rounds in one burst, 6:30pm and normal early April breeze. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J7qw7MiKius&feature=youtu.be AP.
  13. I've spent hours & days trying to make the VSR hop mod actually work & it doesn't. To start with it's fine but after a while BB's fall down the barrel when you fire the weapon & the next round chambered. The only way I can make them keep ammo in the chamber is to keep the hop almost all the way on which gives you about 10 feet of travel before anything but a .43 goes directly into the air - I've tried it with really low power recoil springs (60% in some cases) & even shortening the nozzle, but they just keep pushing the ammo straight down the barrel. That's five mod
  14. New version is out... All the better parts, Hk trades and no 6mm cal markings. Yum. AP.
  15. Nope. It's stll easier to get a lock with the bolt open but the feeding and general operation of the gun is much better. The mag seats at the same angle but far more sturdy. AP.
  16. Good plan, I'll check a stock gun with five shots and then install the ramp and do the same, fresh gas same mag etc. AP.
  17. Good plan, first I'll check a stock gun with five shots and then install the ramp and do the same, fresh gas same mag etc. AP.
  18. Got the crusader enhanced feeding ramps delivered yesterday and so far I'm impressed, no jams at all in around 12 mags? I found that soft ammo were worse for jamming and the main culprits were madbull/blaster (same factory...) anything heavier than a .25 but even the mega soft .3g all fed fine, which I think must down to the mag being held stable by the loading ramp. Now..... I did notice my FPS had dropped after installation buy around 70 fps but I'm going to test a loading ramp in a completely standard gun before I start saying this is a fact... What's more, the starting fps was n
  19. I'd use the trijicon because I can. That's how I look at most things... Why anything? Because we can. Why am I using a flashlight forearm worth more than the gun? Because I can... I think its better than every other flashlight forearm I'll ever see on any airsoft MP5, and just like him I'll be *fruitcage*ed right off when it gets shot up! Lol. AP.
  20. Loving that front sight! Brigg, which hop is it?
  21. Kinda... I found that they leak less, can't clear a whole mag without mad cool down, fps starts in the 420's and drops to the 340's if you don't really conserve your shots. I only had one for a few days to test with re-enforced parts. Honestly, I would switch over to them but I'm not wanting to replace the 9 mags I have. In my actual usage/skirmish MP5 they are great because I've self restricted the bolt assembly to 280-300fps so the amount of shots you get in any mag raises by about five - seven shots. AP.
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