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  1. why equip it with an i7 and only use a poxy GT555M? i would have thought a cheaper i5 and at least a 560M would have been preferable.
  2. surely that wouldnt work seeing as the VFC bolt has the full piston setup and whatnot
  3. avenged sevenfold: critical acclaim fantastic song, somehow sounds a lot angrier than most of their other stuff. l like that
  4. i'm guessing he's doing an AR stock conversion, so the buffer tube.
  5. once upon a time i thought like you i still have a hatred for the ultimAK + EOtech combo, if only because it looks ridiculous and doesnt fit with the lines of the gun. but come on, the siderail isn't the lightest, most balanced or even best looking optic mounting system. what's wrong with the likes of the larue irondot? it's far simpler, lighter, more balanced, more out of the way and better looking than side mounted optics. it's an AK, a mass produced weapon of war. it's not a rare classic, putting a more modern optics solution on an AK is not like putting a massive rear wing on an aston D
  6. to the contrary, i think that anything other than a doctor sight makes the front of an AK look too front heavy or cluttered. each to his own
  7. loving the new RDS mount! you know what i reckon would look REALLY cool and unique? lose the ultimAK and replace it with a full length, bare, AMD65 style gas tube. i've never seen it done and i reckon it'd look seriously mean.
  8. found out last night the house opposite my GF's (where it was parked) has CCTV. havent spoken to them yet though. there's a tree which would probably have obscured the back end of the car, but with any luck he did a walk around first. fingers crossed. oh how i'd love to turn up at his door with a couple of officers and let him know that he'll be paying for the damage and getting a criminal record.
  9. woke up this morning to find the rear quarter of my car has been kicked in. im sure of who it is, don't have any proof. in general i've had a few months of terrible luck with my car. shallow, *albartroth* high dent behind the drivers door (definitely wasnt me btw), GF's neighbor reversed into me (fixed out of their pocket), a day after getting it back i get a mystery dent in the boot lid. and now this. really not sure what i should do about this. part of me wants to go and do something terrible to his car, but i'd like to think i'm not quite that much of a *rickroll*. plus, there's the m
  10. cool! any chance of a pic with the stock extended to a comfortable length and a mag in the gun? i've been trying to visualise this sort of set up for a while.
  11. jesus christ! surely no one really needs that much porn!? i wouldnt have thought so, but i dont really know an awful lot about the old core 2s. i only really got into this around the time i7 was released
  12. true i suppose, so really intel's habit of constantly bringing out new sockets shouldnt be a problem as a sandybridge i5 won't bottleneck your system for years. so by the time your CPU needs replacing even AMD will likely have moved onto a new socket design, rendering AMD's longer lasting upgradability fairly irrelevant.
  13. true, but apart from price that's one of the few attractive features of AMD. they seem awfully behind CPU wise. crossfire would give you a massive performance boost for a relatively low price. you've got more possible compatibility issues, but i havent really had any trouble with my SLI. odds are the next generation of cards won't bring anything too revolutionary to the table and you'll end up paying a fair bit more money for a card that probably won't match the performance of a crossfire setup. a pair of 5870s should easily handle pretty much anything for the next couple of years
  14. i disagree again, ford focus implies the bog standard norm, which a SSD is not. surely a more appropriate analogy would be HDD= ford focus, SATA SSD= evo X, PCI-E SSD= F1 car HDD is the norm, most people make do with it and get by fine. SATA SSD is much faster and bought mainly by enthusiasts or everyday users with deeper pockets. PCI-E SSD is insanely fast and mainly bought by either the most hardcore enthusiasts around or people with more money than sense. i just can't really see any reason why your average gamer would need anything more than a SATA SSD. for dual CPU, quad SLI benchmark
  15. price, warranty and bundled software is the main difference in reference cards. like stunt said different manufacturers also offer various amounts of factory overclocking as well as fancy coolers (asus' directCU, gigabyte's windforce and MSI's twin frozR come to mind). a few manufacturers (asus and MSI i'm sure of, not sure about the rest) have voltage tweak capability in their cards which can be handy for heftier overclocking, both supply simple OC software which will allow you to do tweak everything with slider bars. just be aware that the gamebryo engine hates a lot of asus software for som
  16. it's as if you're saying that a bugatti veyron is a slow car because the veyron SS is faster. yes, a PCI-E drive will be much faster, but it's also vastly more expensive than a SATA SSD which is already much faster than the average computer. the way you talk makes it seem like a SATA SSD simply wouldn't be able to cope, which frankly is nonsense. i'm still running a ye olde 7200 RPM SATA HDD and it's perfectly adequate, sure it's not going to set any speed records but is it stopping my system from maxing out games and being perfectly usable? no. however, has the second GTX460 i bought with the
  17. yes, but you're implying that an ordinary SATA SSD would be painfully slow when it really wouldn't. we're talking about doubling an already fairly high price tag for the sake of a few seconds. i'd rather invest the extra money in a better GPU, at least those are results that you can actually appreciate. if i had the choice between booting metro 2033 in 20 seconds and playing it on medium or booting in 40 seconds and running it on ultra i'd take the latter.
  18. alright if you're not planning on ever using SLI or a soundcard... either that or you have a hideously expensive motherboard. i have 4 PCI-E slots, 1 for my sound card, 2 for my GTX 460s and the last one is obscured by the GPU cooler. i'm still living relatively happily in the HDD dark age, any SSD would be a big boost. no need to spend silly money on a PCI-e drive that will limit your long term GPU options IMO.
  19. knife party - internet friends http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=38WNtPoqPbo must have listened to this 4 times in a row so far. 1:45 onwards is just epic
  20. i haven't. i've only just recently got back into punk, i went through a big punk phase a few years ago and somehow more or less forgot about it back on topic i'm listening to nero - innocence
  21. a 10 minute drum and bass mix by jaguar skills http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M0B35yoe-Tw its a bit hit and miss at times, but when it's good its very very good.
  22. some sort of integrated graphics chip thats apparently half decent or summut. i cant remember, the bit that interests me is that they overclock much better than the older i-series CPUs
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