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  1. Taken after game with rain...
  2. @Whitehawk: Wow, I did not actually realized that I used M90 pattern colours, that was not intetionally. Base layer was EC paint, the rest was krylon.
  3. My guns got a little paint, made to blend in normal swedish woods (mostly pinetrees) Normal bowflage, tried to do a little net pattern on the M16 Stock but it was not as nice as my Ops core so I ditched that idea. Wanted to add a bit of brown colour but I had no brown colour...
  4. Here is a bit of SAS Inspiered gear. Sorry for the bad cellphone pics, i was not at a game, just training in the woods. S95 Pants DPM Smock windproof Bergen (with stuff) DPM Chestrig (can't remember the name) Flightgloves M16+M203 and BFA camo/net scarf
  5. Robinio


    Pictures from Robinio
  6. Yeah, You're right, not the A1 but the M16, It was named VN however on the package but I guess that means M16 since A1s came after Nam.
  7. Cmon, some old skool here? Both are G&P The M16A1 was an A3 but I got an A1 slabside body though the upper and lower did not fit (g&p WTF?!?!!) so I'm running with an A1 Upper and an A3 Lower, gonna get that *suitcase* painted anyways, Armalites loves them paint M203 is G&P too, with an Blank Firing Adapter, It was inspiered by SAS Survival secrets and for my SAS kit. The Colt 653 known as "Menosar" by the IDF has a Dboys m203 and an old classic army xenon flashlight mounted on the barrel, the stock has the elastic bands seen and used by IDF and the sling is also something IDF'i
  8. As a Swede, I approve of that post Ryland, nice Ak5, Almost wish that I had an airsoft ak5 too. But I have the real thing, which I rarely get to fire, so I got that going, which is nice...
  9. Pic from a game about 3 weeks ago
  10. My TM Glock with guarder kit, waiting for an AKA Blow backhousing and a hammer bearing, I wonder if i'll get the GM Zero Hammer instead...
  11. My TM Glock with Guarder kit.
  12. G&P M653? I have one of those!
  13. Robinio

    TM Glock 17 Guarder File Help

    Shows you where to file on the Guarder kit
  14. Got my Fox 599 Karambit and Training knife today from the ulitmate knife after having to wait for about 3 months. Already started flipping with the trainer and its so fun and nice, my fingers are a bit beat up for having spinning the knife for hours.
  15. I like that kit, looks a bit exotic, but theres a tip, if you're gonna pose with a M90/F uniform, do never fold you arms up, it's basically against regulations, and if you do get hold of a M90/L Jacket, if you are going to fold it you need to have the camopart outside (so that the white side (inside) is not shown) Klicky link is to show you how it's suppose to look. http://www.soldf.com/images/s_m90l.jpg And also on the last pic, make sure you have the buttons closed, it's meant to keep dirt/snow/sand out, it's a built in gaiter.
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