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  1. No internal upgrades whatsoever have been performed on this sopmod cqb-r. It's still a virgin The lockup only happens if I press the trigger too fast. Guess i have to take it easy from now on on that trigger. I'm happy that it can just be fixed by firing on auto but all of our cqb terrains in BE are Semi only. Anyone got some pics of what they've done to their sopmods btw?
  2. can you just use a lipo battery in the standard tm m4 sopmod? (without any gearbox internal upgrades, etc..) I'm looking for a way to improve the trigger response, as i sometimes notice if i press the trigger too fast it locks up so i have to full auto it and return to single shot. Any suggestions? Also, can i fit a Novesk flashhider or something. Is the sopmod ccw or cw? Want to get rid of that front sight as well, put a frontsight on the rail or something.. ideas please
  3. I guess the Freedom Art Swivel Ring for Marui SOPMOD M4 would fit the cqb-r as well? Is it any good? As for the sling, should i go for the magpul pts ms2 sling? (clone) I guess it'll work with the mount?
  4. For the moment I have this 1-point cheapo sling without a mount So I'll probably have to replace this one. I want to use a 1 point sling as it's the easiest/fastest for me.
  5. got my CQB-R yesterday from redwolf. Haven't fired it yet... hope it'll be as good as the 'normal' m4 sopmod first thing i'm looking for is how to attach a sling to this thing... prolly buy a new one... suggestions?
  6. which parts and from where did you order them? Let us know how the upgrades go... i'm still reluctant for upgrading the tm mp7 What i need: bit more fps and faster trigger response?
  7. playing over 2 years now with my stock TM mp7 and absolutely loving it. Range and accuracy are great! Only thing i don't like is that i can literally see the bb floating to it's target I'm still hesitating for upgrading the mp7 as it works good now... i've heard many people say that it's not advisable to upgrade the TM MP7?
  8. morb

    KWA SR10

    Now this is a very nice detailed review. Nice gun, hate the trades though. (and i'm not a newb
  9. how is this gun holding up in woodland scenario's? Or should i stick with the tm m4 sopmod concerning their stock range and accuracy?
  10. Is the ARMY clone out yet? If not, anyone know when ?
  11. morb

    AGM M4 GBB

    offtopic: If anyone is interested in the AGM M4. I've put mine for sale, incl 3 agm mags and 2 GHK mags. Gun has only been used in 1 skirm. PM me for details or check the wordwide on sale section..
  12. morb

    AGM M4 GBB

    I have the same problem with my AGM mag, I've done the same mods as you with first some teflon around it, o-ring on it, etc... nothing seems to work, it always seem to get stuck again after a few shots. I think the only solution is to get a proper o-ring.. I'm fearing for the other 2 AGM mags which are on their way... oh well my GHK mags seem to work fine though..
  13. morb

    AGM M4 GBB

    been through my first skirm day with it. I've used dustergas and i'm not happy with it at all. Gas consumption seems to suck.. don't know why though. sluggish cycling, etc.. Mags that suddenly vented all their gas on the first shot (GHK mags) Then i used Ultra gas. (a bit lighter then green) and it was performing great, steady shots, proper cycling. Good gas consumption.. Therefore i've come to the conclusion i'll have to get the npas from RA-tech. Belgian fields are limited to 350 fps, will the gun cycle/run the same with npas and ultra/green gas as just the stock gun on Ult
  14. morb

    AGM M4 GBB

    i keep on having problems with the valve of my AGM mag. The tiniest O-ring keeps on getting stuck which is the cause of those leaks.. Any tips on resolving this? Besides replacing the o-ring, which i can't seem to find the correct size anywhere.
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