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  1. I'm thinking about getting one of these when I come back to the US. What would be some good parts for the G18 to really make it shoot harder/better/faster? I'll probably use an old KWA G18 for the base, would a plastic slide increase ROF? I might buy a G&G metal slide anyways, I want to have the G18C useful aswell. What about a threaded barrel? Is the G18's barrel just 'sitting' in the FMG? Pointing in the 'out' direction? On the RS the barrel is full length almost. I'd really like to maby put a longer G&G threaded barrel in there. Isn't the G32 barrel long enough? Maby i'd
  2. I have that tan bag above, and in Beijing it is labeled as 'Rescuer" or Rescue or something, now it may be a cheap copy but it seriously feels like the worst POS I've ever touched. It feels so cheap. The material is rough and not bendy, the straps are horribly small, and it's overall too small for me (192cm). Actually I got it for my girlfriend, it's big on her but she's a small chinese girl. I use a Voodoo Tactical 3day Assault pack, which feels amazing compared to this one. (AKA- OE) But then again I'm really picky. I don't like any Rescuer product actually, The material and colors th
  3. Ahh I love how there has been 3 famases posted in the last 6 months Vamp nice Famas, Just sand it a tad more, and I love that last famas Angel, It just IMO needs some holes cut in under the carry handle to break up the "wall" look on the sides. Can somebody please give me ANY info you know about the G&G/G&P Famas that was supposed to (as of Mid 2007) be released in 2008? Did they cancel it? I've searched everywhere and can't find anything about it.
  4. Wow a G&G Famas? I definately gotta get me one of those.
  5. Check my sig. There's ANOTHER notch you need to drill. It's located more towards the feed tube. The guide on airsoftplayers was meant for TM mags only. Other brands have a longer top notch (That houses a BB release spring) and thats just too long for the Famas.
  6. Any non EG560HT Motor needs a custom made bracket to hold it in place. The Famas' motor is really short if you've ever looked at one. And if your looking at adding a motor, check around for some different kinds. I've heard that Eagle makes really really good motors. (What I mean is, instead of putting a regular motor in, put an upgraded one or something in)
  7. Any of your Famases smell kinda funny after fireing? I remember my first Famas had that funky motor smell when I shot it a bit. And I think my second and third famas smelled also. I can't remember tho. I'm not talking about a HUGE smell I only noticed it when I sniffed the magwell (I was curious lol)
  8. You'll need to just twist and pull it off. The Flash hider's diameter is actually slightly larger than the outer barrel's. This usually causes wobble hence why most people glue theirs on. (I used rubber cement.)
  9. Hah. Yeah I never used the cheeck peice. I guess I was more afraid of losing it than anything else. I wanna try Rhino Lineing my next Famas haha. Make it more indestructable. Does anyone know if a M16 barrel mount M203 would mount to the Famas barrel? I was thinking of having it directly on the thing, and then fill in/build my own handguard to go around/infront of it. I want as short (From top to bottom not front to rear) of a Famas as I can get. Having the scope sit so high up and the launcher so low made me feel like I was carrying around a freakin cereal box attached t
  10. haha Well I chose a 328i cause it looks kind of similar, and mostly due to power. a 328i isn't as jacked as say a M3. And remember, this is a Corolla. 1.8l VVTi I've got like no low end torque in this thing. But I've always wanted a BMW. I just don't wanna pay a lot for one so I might as well just swap emblems. I mean what, are the BMW Police going to arrest me?
  11. My Junker Almost fully paid for 2001 Toyota Corolla. Nice car but not too much low end torque. If I wanna be able to floor it I need to keep in first or second gear until I hit about 40 MPH. Before that the thing just can't deliver the power. The speedometer tops out at 110. I've hit it once but I wanna see what happens when you go faster lol. I'm going to spray paint the junk plastic rims black. Also some BMW emblems are going on. I'm thinking BMW 328i like a 99 or something. Don't ask why I just don't wanna pay $$$ for a BMW. And I kinda wanna get a lot of bond
  12. Well I shot my old glock sideways. After about 5 or so shots something broke. What happened was the loading arm thing on the Piston unit (This houses the rocket thing) snapped off. So when the gun went to chamber another round it couldn't because there was nothing to "Push" the BB up the loading ramp and into the Hop. But it did feel cool shooting it sideways.
  13. To attach a bipod: Obtain a Famas F1 BiPod On the inside of the carry handle there is a screw for each side. Remove the sling swivel and screw in the Bipod. Make sure the screws are Tight. For the Handle you need to saw. Look into getting a dremel that'd make the work cleaner and easier. But it really depends what you wanna do. If you wanna add a carry handle you may have to leave the rear nub intact so it will attach to the body. Unless of course, you find an alternative way of attaching the handle.
  14. Who ever wanted to sand their mag: The mag is made of pot metal. Taking the paint off leaves uneven lead-weight looking metal underneath. It looks bad. However if you wanted it shiney I'd just send it off to be chromed. Try it out if you wish, but I'd use a old/busted mag first.
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