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  1. pic from last weekend still a wip, needs 2 or 3 more things that are on their way to me now then ill take a pic of it all layed out, post the kitlist and all that jaz.
  2. put this up in the gear thread but meant to put it here since its not reely a full loadout. like i said there its a wip and still needs some essential small things.
  3. its a wip, still need radio, frag, dumper and pistol pouches. all condor cept faor the pack which is china made.
  4. the tm gearbox shell itself is bomb proof. its slightly longer than a v2 or 3 gear box though so the same spring wont generate as much fps in it. the parts inside are all standard tm quality.
  5. the reason for the knife is probobly very similar to the reason for the real plates + the fact that it serves as a tool. but you do bring up a good point about the mag space.
  6. condor pc /w cumberbun inbetween a point blank otv w/ soft armor inserts and dbt fapc
  7. nice fapc, i like mine alot, but its for sale now.
  8. sorry if i've posted this one before, i just wanted to show it off one more time and mention that its for sale. im going to miss it.
  9. famas, purists are few and far between. most people actually enjoy the idea of cutting one to peices. yours looks good but i think you could use a little more bondo, sanding and painting to smooth out your seems.
  10. 001 is apparently into the nascar version of airsoft, hes all decked out in patches and logos. looks good none the less. oh and depriving your self of oxygen probably wont help you lose weight, it may improve your lung capacity tho.
  11. theres some information on it in previous pages, couldnt have been more than 2 pages back.
  12. sounds like the contacts in there are going, open up the box and make sure the two contacts are close enought together that they can easily touch the activating contact when the trigger is pulled but make sure at the same time theyr not touching. also check for corrosion, if the contacts are discolored you can scrape some of it off with a knife or sand paper. this happened to my famas, my contacts were so corroted that they had holes burnt through them.
  13. ah its good to come back and find people have been posting in my favorite thread. dismembered that looks awesome, i plan on changing my motor out asap as well but im at school now until thanks giving : (
  14. thanks, i cant wait till it gets cooler out and i can actually run my full loadout without getting dehydrated
  15. heres one of my gear bin: and current set up: back: dbt fapc w/ homemade cumberbund 4 guarder double mag pouches 2 condor frag pouches condor pack/hydro carrier w/ condor admin pouch i dont reely like the way the chest rig is set up right now, i used to have shingle pouches on there and i think im going to put them back and just leave one of the doubles up there for a radio, then ill move 2 of the doubles down to my thigh cause right now my first line only holds 2 mags and id like to be able to run with solely my first line sometimes.
  16. does anyone know if the hicapa slides come with this cut in them? and if they dont what does that mean i need to do?
  17. i have a tm 1911, so i guess im looking for the hicapa version.
  18. has anyone seen this slide in stock or know where i could find one?
  19. finally got around to taking some decent pictures:
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