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  1. I posted this over in the (rather lengthy) M&P thread in News. NonEx suggested I post this here too, so here goes... So here's some observations I've made and some answers to some people's questions. MAG RELEASE - Is NOT convertible to left handed. It might be possible to modify it to do so, but I'm not going to attempt it as I'm right handed. MAGAZINE - Real mag floor plates WILL NOT fit the WE mags -Holds 24 rounds -Holds plenty of gas, conservative shooters should be able to easily get 3 loads (or more) of BBs from a single charge of Propane/Green Gas. (I got 2 1/2 rapid f
  2. I must say some of you have some very nice work. Some have absoulte *suitcase* too, but I'll refain from naming any names, as to not offend anyone. I am hevily tattooed myself, but I will not post mine here as I need to maintain some degree of anonimity. (My employer moniters these forums and I don't want them to find out my user name here as I tend to say things that would likely upset them.)
  3. I used an ARES TAVOR this past Sunday (28 Jun.) all day at an OP. The gun performed flawlessly. Yes the red dot sucks, but I expected it to. Most factory installed red dot sights suck, so it's no surprise this one does too. Laser...I don't care, I never use them anyway. I didn't even attempt to zero the laser or red dot. I just left them off, and centered my victims in the glass on the MARS. I had concerns about accidentally dropping mags due to the location of the mag release. However that only happened once, the 1st time I transitioned to my weak side. After that no troubles
  4. Actually, that is NOT an airsoft gun, it's real steel. It has a special BFA (Blank Firing Adapter) used in films/TV. Not all G18s have ported slides/barrels. Selector switch is on the side of the gun you can't see.
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