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    WE M&P

    I posted this over in the (rather lengthy) M&P thread in News. NonEx suggested I post this here too, so here goes... So here's some observations I've made and some answers to some people's questions. MAG RELEASE - Is NOT convertible to left handed. It might be possible to modify it to do so, but I'm not going to attempt it as I'm right handed. MAGAZINE - Real mag floor plates WILL NOT fit the WE mags -Holds 24 rounds -Holds plenty of gas, conservative shooters should be able to easily get 3 loads (or more) of BBs from a single charge of Propane/Green Gas. (I got 2 1/2 rapid firing and with little to no rest period between mags) FRAME - The back straps are 95-98% compatible with the real gun. The WE grips fit on real gun with a slight gap at the bottom; real grips do not fit the WE unless modified. - The frame rail is pretty much perfect. I pulled my Insight "Procyon" weapon light off of my real M&P and it mounted just as securely as it does on the real gun. - Mine is a tan/FDE frame. The color is very close to the FDE from the Magpul PTS line. HOP-UP - Hop-up is TM type (similar to TM Glock) - My hop-up adjustment wheel is defective. There is a dip in the wheel that causes it to catch on the inside of the hop-up unit making it virtually impossible to adjust the hop-up setting. I replaced the wheel with a modified wheel from a KJW P226. The adjustment wheel from a HFC Glock will work w/o modification. - Hop-bucking and inner barrel are NOT standard. I compared the inner barrel & the bucking to those of HFC Glock, WE Hi-CAPA, KJW P226, KJW 1911, KJW Hi-CAPA & KJW M9; none of them are like the WE M&P. - Effectiveness of the hop-up leave a lot to be desired IMO. Update: Since writing this this morning I have replaced the Inner barrel & hop bucking with those from an HFC Glock. My hop-up now functions as it should have from the factory. I can shoot .25 & .30g BBs with the appropriate amount of hop. The HFC bucking is slightly thinker than the OEM WE which causes the hop-up to rub on the outer barrel. I had to sand the sides of the hop-up unit to get a good fit. (I used 600 grit for those interested). If you want to change the bucking you will need to also change the inner barrel, as I stated above, the WE bucking & IB are NOT standard. GENERAL - The blow-back is very crisp and positive. (mine Chrono'ed 300 FPS w/ .20g BBs on Green Gas at approx. 65ยบ F) - Trigger pull is light and smooth. There is a lot of both pre-travel & over-travel. Trigger re-set is fairly long and "squishy" much like that of the factory reset on the real gun. - Fit's M&P duty & concealment holsters perfectly - Real M&P sights should fit. However, the rear would require significant modification to do so. Front should require little to no modification - Thread adapter from WE Hi-CAPA fits directly on barrel
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    Them Crooked Vultures For those who aren't familiar, it's Josh Homme (Kyuss, Queens of the Stone Age), Dave Grohl (Nirvana, Foo Fighter, QOTSA, etc.), and John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin).

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